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Work For Bitcoin

One of the crucial reasons Bitcoin and cryptocurrency was started is the fact that it is a true means of exchange.

It has value and you can transfer that value easily.

Despite this, many people don’t realize that you can be paid in cryptocurrency.

And should.

Andreas Antonopoulos has never bought Bitcoin, but instead gets paid for everything in it.

Speaking events, writing, books, etc...

He only wants cryptocurrency.

Here’s a quick guide to getting your first payment in Bitcoin.


Here’s the thing.

There are so many opportunities just waiting for you to get paid in Bitcoin and cryptocurrency.

But most people don’t look for it.

The first thing that everyone should do, who wants to be paid in Bitcoin, is just ask.

Asking gets the ball rolling and it may lead to the least resistance.

People will pay other people, often in whatever currency they want.

And that can come through a job, trading for goods, or even getting paid back by friends.

Although, for more specifics let's jump into how many people are full time getting paid out in cryptocurrency.


When you think of freelance you may think of a computer engineer helping to create a website.

And yes you may be right.

Although, there are many freelance opportunities that anyone can do in order to earn Bitcoin and get paid in cryptocurrency.

A few resources to look at are:

Each of these sites offer different ways that you can get paid out in Bitcoin.

Whether that be for simple tasks like copy and pasting, for setting up advertising campaigns, or for just about anything.

There are no shortage of jobs and no shortage of jobs that result in getting cryptocurrency either.

As well, you can offer services on Craigslist and then get paid through craigslist.


While this topic is for a much larger conversation, there are many companies pursuing this.

And we at GCA are writing a full course on how to accept cryptocurrency for businesses.

But here are a few easy ways that your business can accept Bitcoin today:

Bitpay, Square, Woocommerce, Stripe

These are a few payment processors that we at GCA love because of ease of use.

Each of these functions in a bit of a different way but allow you to accept cryptocurrency.

Square is still in its infancy but will allow certain physical retailers to accept Bitcoin.

Many small businesses love this product and its features, but it is slowly rolling out to more people over time.

On the other hand Stripe and Woocommerce have E-commerce integrations that make it simple to accept cryptocurrency.

Just turn on the setting and you can start accepting it immediately.

Lastly, Bitpay is a payment processor that businesses can use to just accept Bitcoin.

It pays out daily or every three days in USD, but allows you to accept BTC as a business.

Get on the waitlist here for our newest guide if you want a walk-through to setting your business up with Cryptocurrency accepting.


Now if you currently have a job, and don’t want to start freelancing then you may want to explore having your employer pay you out in cryptocurrency.

Or there is the option of helping them move your 401k to Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency.

This would function similarly to a 401k, where they put in and match what you do.

Up until a certain point.

Although, that's a topic for a different article.

Yet,  one of the easiest ways for an employer to pay out in cryptocurrency is using Coinbase.

If you aren’t already on it, sign up using this link: Coinbase Sign-up

Coinbase has a business side (so your employer could also then accept cryptocurrency).

And by them purchasing the amount to pay you (or say X% each paycheck) they can easily transfer it to your account.

Or you can set-up automatic buying every time you get paid by setting a frequency of 1-week, 1-month, etc.. on the coinbase platform.

This keeps it out of sight out of mind, while helping you earn and increase your position with these cryptocurrencies.


The last way we recommend earning Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is skill dependent.

With the onslaught of companies using blockchain there isn’t a shortage of jobs.

If you are a coder or programmer odds are that Bitcoin, Ethereum, or another platform wants you to help code their coin.

There are over 1300 coins and the space is constantly growing looking for opportunities.

And as well, being a marketer or someone with a unique skill can help you enter the field.

Being as new as it is, there are opportunities everywhere to find a job inside the cryptocurrency realm.

Use our coin guide to find a coin you like, or google what you are looking for, and you should see jobs and different opportunities to work for a blockchain based cryptocurrency company today.


Start getting paid in Bitcoin and earning cryptocurrency.

These are the easiest ways for you to actually work for cryptocurrency.

Now start working…

Seriously, the earlier you get into this the better the payout will be fore the long-term.

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Thanks for reading,

GCA Team

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