Will April Be The Month That Cryptocurrencies Explode?

Cryptocurrency is filled with patterns and trends.

One that has held up for most years is the fact that in April/May cryptocurrencies start a bull-run that goes through most of the summer before having a lull.

Could that mean that this year April is going to be the month that cryptocurrencies start to pick back up?

Is April The Month of Cryptocurrencies?

We’ve been in a bear run since the beginning of February.

For many, it has been painful, and it has helped weed out the weak hands of those speculating on getting rich overnight.

But, that doesn’t mean the movement has been stopped at all.

In fact, much of the market now is built off of those who genuinely are holding and believe in what this ultimately could become, a world-wide change in economics.

There are many paid newsletters, and many others that are speculating April as the month for cryptocurrencies.

Here’s what last year looked like:

cryptocurrencies explode

At the end of April last year, one of the years biggest bull runs started.

One that, similar to the run in December-January, made people think that it would never stop with the trillion dollar market cap in their eyes.

It did crash, and we experienced a drought similar to the one that is currently occurring.

While many people speculate it’s going up or down, long-term holders don’t need to worry as this movement isn’t going away.

April through the summer is also a time for conventions like Consensys 2018 and much more, where major investors will be attending. In fact, Boxmining thinks that it may be the start of the moon.

While we can’t say for sure, let’s look towards April and watch as cryptocurrencies start to be available to the masses.

We’re bullish, and we hope you are too,
The GCA Team


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March 2nd 2018, 18:05

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