What Is Going On With The Cryptocurrency Markets?

Cryptocurrency markets

Whether you’re paying attention or not, something is going on.

At the end of 2017, we saw Bitcoin reach its all-time high of $20,000, and the overall market cap hit $800 billion.

Today looks a lot different…

Cryptocurrency Markets

With Bitcoin falling below $9,000 and the total market cap about half of what it was, people are starting to question what is going on.

The Ups and Downs of Markets

Markets go up, and markets go down.

That’s why Warren Buffet says “Be Fearful When Others Are Greedy and Greedy When Others Are Fearful.”

It’s an age old ode to the people who stay with the market, don’t become enwrapped by fear, and buy more during the times when those are scarred.

See when John Law purposely spread fear in the markets, he would buy more, hedge his bets and end up coming out on top.

Granted, he completely manipulated the markets.

This should be a warning sign of how infant markets have to grow, nothing rises forever, and over time people start to question the validity of whether or not it can rise anymore.

That’s why the stock market dropped a bit today as well.

When it comes to investing strategies, market movement is completely dependent on people and emotions that they spread.

It’s the reason that FUD has such a big impact on the market when it comes across as just another quick news article.

But, there’s a question looming in the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Where Is The Bottom?

That’s the million dollar (or billion dollars for that matter) question.

It is something that while seems important for the long-term, isn’t a differentiation if you are aiming to hold and advance positions during this crash.

What are we doing?

HODLing and using our favorite HODL playlist for times like this.

Although, we are watching to see whether or not some of our favorite coins hit levels that we would like to purchase it again.

Don’t let fear seep into what is to come.

This is a revolution and major transfer of wealth, and crashes like this have hit cryptocurrency time and time and again.

And it’s always bounced back with a higher high.

If you are going to buy, make sure to use our survey below to see which coin we recommend.

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