The Weekly Crypto Collection – Bitcoin, Bittrex, SEC and More

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After last week’s update, a lot has happened as the cryptocurrency field is not stopping with its exponential growth.

So let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Bitcoin Passes $9500 (All-Time High)


One of the most significant landmarks to date is Bitcoin passing $9500 and the entire cryptocurrency market getting close to $300 billion.

Of course, this is something to be expected in a market growing at an exponential pace. Although, at $10,000 we are going to see buy walls tested and possibly a more substantial pullback in the area from 20-35%.

That means for the cautious, possibly taking profit and/or having extra cash to buy more while holding what you currently have.

Remember this isn’t a short-term profit/get-rich-quick scheme but something that will lead to financial freedom over time and patience will be a virtue.

2. SEC Moving To ICO Industry


With ICOs on a boom (and often bust), we see more governments draw attention from their regulating districts.

It seems now the SEC is moving to bring laws and regulations to the Initial Coin Offering space, as many ICO’s are even making their tokens have utility in order to not be labeled a security.

Coindesk wrote a great article about what is too come – which you can find here: SEC Assembly Line?

Overall, this may prove to be a roadblock for companies trying to join and create ingenuity in the industry. It can also help prevent and stop market manipulation which we see so often.

Which leads perfectly into a statement released by Bittrex this week.

3. Bittrex Order Updates Email

With the whole cryptocurrency market rising in users, it is leading to exchanges taking a hit as servers have been down, wait-time for emails and support getting longer, and security getting stronger.

This week Bittrex sent out this email:


Mostly, they will be doing a few things:

  • Removing Stale Orders after 28 days
  • Raising the Minimum trade size to 100,000 satoshis (from 50,000)
  • Creating minimum tick sizes.
  • Discouraging market manipulation tactics

Being one the most prominent trading exchanges in the U.S. and beyond, Bittrex sees a lot of market manipulation in the form of Pump-N-Dump schemes.

Although, with regulations looming it seems that Bittrex is starting the active discouragement of manipulation of the market.

4. EOS Moves Up And Vitalik Rebuttals


EOS is a cryptocurrency meant to combat ethereum as it is labeled the “ethereum killer” because it has quicker transactions and allows for many of the functions of Ethereum with a faster blockchain.

Vitalik had something to say about that, firing back with this (tweet from Crypt0snews)

After that, Vitalik went on to lay out the plans for building Ethereum 2.0 and start the progress that Ethereum needs to be the powerhouse that it can be.

5. Jeff Berwick of TDV Calls To Rotate Profits To Gold


Similar to Cryptocurrency being a freer, more decentralized peer-to-peer currency, Gold is a massive movement in the reclaiming of wealth.

This week from The Dollar Vigilante, Jeff Berwick called to rotate some profits of your cryptocurrency into gold (which you can do from bitcoin to gold on and many other sites).

This falls along the lines of diversification of a portfolio of holdings across currencies, cryptocurrencies, and metals which can help safeguard from most situations.

You can read the full article and watch the video here: Cryptocurrencies Blast Through A Quarter of a Trillion Dollar Market Cap On A Very Happy Thanksgiving

6. New Hack-A-Thon For Blockchain Aims At Middle-America


With most tech hubs being located in California, New York, and other costal areas, it seems as if a new initiative is trying to help bring Crypto into the middle of America; creating it as a dominant location.

Block-a-thon Midwest is a three-day event centered around all things blockchain and cryptocurrency as a way to capture momentum for the movement. The event, to be held at Fuse Coworking in Lincoln the weekend of April 13-15 (1)

It is always exciting to see how Blockchain and crypto can help with economic prosperity and bring more and more opportunities to those in unfamiliar areas.

You can read the whole store here: Block-a-thon Midwest aims to make Middle America a cryptocurrency leader

7. The Release of the Global Crypto Monthly Premium Report

Since there is always so much going on in cryptocurrency and blockchain space, we are aiming to make it easier for you to understand, empowered with knowledge and confidence in your next steps.

That’s why we are about to release our brand new Monthly Premium Report which will be conveniently packaged with everything you need to know about Cryptocurrency and Blockchain as the market grows and changes.

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