The Weekly Crypto Collection – 11.19.2017


With money being poured into the cryptocurrency ecosystem and the market cap reaching over $230,000,000,000, there is a lot to catch up on.

1. Andreas Antonopoulos on Decentralization and The Architecture of Trust

When Andreas releases a new video, it is always something that we here at GCA love to consume.

This week, he brings into the mind the thought of scalability and how the old systems we are used to in government, institutions, and corporations are not formed in a way to be sustainable with the growth that the world is seeing.

While Bitcoin and the world will be moving at an exponential growth rate, human’s think linear which makes it hard to grasp and control this type of growth and data indeed.

Thats what Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency realm is starting to help with.

Watch the video here or head to his channel:

2. The Kevin Rose Show Welcome’s Andreas Antonopoulos

While this week may seem Andreas heavy, it’s for a good reason.

The former co-founder of Digg, amoung many other companies, sat down with Andreas about the world of cryptocurrency and how it is genuinely impacting everything in the future, from the ability for you to have and store your “store of value”, to having a complete and secure means of exchange.

Check out that podcast here: Bitcoin’s True potential, with Andreas Antonopolous

3. Crypt0News On Ethereum Heading To The Moon?

Crypt0News has had some great content lately, and this week he touched on a lot of news in the cryptosphere as well as Ethereum starting its slow move until it increases in value.

We’ve seen a lot coming out with Devcon3, and there’s only more to come with Ethereum.

Check out his steemit article here: Ethereum Rocket Almost Fueled Up?

4. 10 Things People Should Know Before Investing In Crypto

Wespostdotcom’s medium publication published a beginner article on what you need to know before investing in cryptocurrency, and it walks through a lot of thoughts most people will have before investing.

And while everyone has a different way of investing and opinion, understanding some of the fundamentals when it comes to cryptocurrency can help.

Read the article here: 10 Things People Should Know Before Investing In Crypto

5. Quick Analysis of Neo and Bitcoin from Node Investor

Node investor is back at it again with a great technical analysis (TA).

One highlight was NEO running from $28 all the way to $50, based on some speculatory news of China allowing ICOs again.

In this TA, Node Investor breaks down the market movements which you can check out here: Bitcoin & NEO Remain Strong



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