Vechain Creates The Series X Node Program Pledging 50 Million VET

Vechain is a cryptocurrency based company that is aiming to help create smart RFID for supply chain and pave the way for an IoT (internet of things).

Recently, they underwent a complete update moving from Vechain to Vechain Thor.

Although, yesterday they released an article on medium detailing their plan to donate 50 million Vechain Thor to early adopters of the platform.

The Series X Node Program For Vechain

The series x node program for Vechain Thor is a program that will help early adopters of the platform get rewarded for their dedication.

This proposal was created to help economic nodes ensure their place in the ecosystem for the future as they understand that going through a rebrand can be disruptive to an already successful ecosystem.

Regular holders, this means, will need to up their ante.

Here’s there brief slide on the X Node Series Program:

series x node

series x node

For the full slide deck check out their article here: VeChain pledges 50M VET to create the X Series Node Program

After launching their update from Vechain to Vechain Thor, their price took a major hit.

What was an original high during January at around $9, they have since fallen to sub $5 levels holding strong resistance around that area.

One of the reasons for the introduction of this update is the incentive for long-term holders and another is the long-term success of the company and its mission based off of sustainable and accountable nodes.

We are holders of Vechain and excited to see how the Vechain Foundation plays out as time goes.

Vechain has recently added a partnership with BMW and many other companies leading to a better ability to track and ensure the quality of goods in the supply chain.

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