A Few Utility Tokens To Watch in 2018

utility tokens

While there are many different coins focused on being a currency or being a platform for development, utility tokens are becoming more and more popular.

Heck, most ICO‘s are claiming to be utility-based tokens.

(But that might just be to skirt around the SEC and try not to be listed as security.)

We have a few utility based tokens that we are watching for 2018 and think that you might like as well.

Note, we aren’t saying to buy these coins but simply that we like their mission and will be watching them.

Substratum (SUB)

One of our favorite projects and a reason that we joined the cryptocurrency community is decentralization and equal opportunity for all.

That’s why we like Substratumnet and their aim to create a decentralized network.

While they are currently in alpha testing phase, they soon will be releasing a beta.

This will allow anyone in the world to operate nodes, allowing for the current and free use of the internet without policing or the ability to down throttle networks. Especially with Net Neutrality now gone, this is important.

The substratum is a project to watch in 2018!

0x Protocol (ZRX)


One of the most important attributes to creating a smart economy and decentralized society is protocols that execute on their own.

0x protocol with their ZRX token is one of them.

In fact, this is a coin we have been watching for a while as it can lend a hand to so many projects.

This token is mainly used for governance over the 0x protocol’s upgrading system and can be used for a decentralized exchange, as well as so much more on the ethereum blockchain.

It is a way to write decentralized executable scripts that run themselves on the Ethereum network.

Making it one of our favorite tokens for 2018.

Power Ledger (POWR)

Another of our favorites is one that can help the global energy issue.

See we are slowly using away our fossil fuels and with it, not helping the environment.

That’s where solar and wind energy come in.

But, there aren’t too many incentives which drive people to want to use and create solar and wind energy.

POWR creates a smart grid that spans across countries (currently developing in Australia and Thailand).

Then users create a free market with energy resources they produce; they can meter their solar power and rent it out to whom they choose to dictate the market and giving clean, sustainable energy to a wider array of people.

This is a utility token we are bullish on for the long-term.

SALT Lending


Lastly, we have SALT lending.

SALT is a lending platform that allows people to skip the banks and not have to jump through all the hoops normally required in lending.

Instead, by holding SALT and having some collateral in the form of other cryptocurrencies, anyone can borrow.

This makes the process easy for day traders, people who need money, and cryptocurrency fanatics.

And the best part is that the money goes right to your bank account.

Lending is a huge industry and SALT is aiming to disrupt it.

Welp, those are some of our favorite utility tokens for 2018. What are your favorites? Drop them in the comments below!

Thanks for reading,

The GCA Team


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February 20th 2018, 19:18

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