How To Use The Square Bitcoin Purchase Feature

Most people were aware that Square had recently begun allowing the purchase of Bitcoin in the app.

As well, most people have seen the headlines of Twitter founder, and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, talking about how he believes cryptocurrency is the future and that the Square Cash app will have a lot more than just buying and selling Bitcoin.

But, people don’t know how to use it yet.

So here is a quick guide that walks you through using the Square Cash App for buying Bitcoin…

Using The Square Bitcoin Purchase Feature

Here’s a quick video that walks you through the process:


Essentially, the process is as simple as opening up the app, creating a pin that allows you to walk through the process, and purchasing anything from $1 to $10,000.

They do cap the limit at $10,000 a week, but they don’t have a limit as to how much you can sell at one time.

Apps like this, Circle and Robinhood, are allowing regular people to quickly source and buy cryptocurrency.

And that is an awesome evolution today.

As we still are in a shaky territory with Bitcoin and the cryptocurrency market as a whole, gearing up for the next major bull run these different abilities to purchase Bitcoin and let anyone do it, is what truly will help people in the long-run.

Which is why we wanted to walk you through this video of how to buy it.

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