Our Top 6 Favorite Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels

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There’s a lot of noise when it comes to cryptocurrency and the media.

Check out any of the mass media channels and you’ll get more FUD than you can probably handle.

On the other hand, some Cryptocurrency Youtube channels are perfect for both times of FUD, exclusive interviews, and personalities alone.

Here are our top 6 favorite cryptocurrency youtube channels:

The Top 6 Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels

1. Crypt0s News – Omar Bahm

First off we have Omar Bham and his youtube channel Crypt0s News.

Omar has been around the field for a long time now, preaching the good word for the globalization of cryptocurrencies on a more philosophical level.

He provides frequent news updates from sources around the internet in a concise manner and even does a one-minute cut of all of the juicy parts for people in a hurry.

All in all, Omar provides tremendous value while spreading the word about this movement.

Follow Crypt0’s News For:

  • Daily News Updates
  • Exclusive Interviews
  • Beginner Lessons
  • An Entertaining Show
  • Cryptocurrency Convention Behind The Scenes
  • Vlogs and Great Rants

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2. Boxmining

What originally started as a channel based on cryptocurrency mining has become one of the top sources for cryptocurrency information and research.

Whether you want to watch an in-depth breakdown of a new coin or upcoming ICO, or are looking for behind the scenes on conventions for the cryptocurrency, Boxmining has what you are looking for.

With over 100,000 subscribers the channel provides valuable interviews and news updates.

Follow Boxmining for:

  • Unique content
  • Convention Behind-the-scenes
  • News Updates
  • ICO and Coin Breakdowns
  • Exclusive Interviews

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3. Node Investor

Most people might not have heard of TA or Technical analysis.

Granted if you are a trader, looking to start trading cryptocurrency or want to understand a bit of the market, knowing TA is essential.

That’s where Node Investor fits in.

Node has a great personality and gives updates on the market through a simple and easy to understand TA approach.

Whether you’re a TA beginner or expert, it’s always good to get another take on the market.

Follow Node Investor For:

  • Quick Market Updates
  • Technical Analysis Videos and Explanations
  • Long In-Depth Coin TA Live Streams

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4. Ivan on Tech

Ivan Liljeqvist is a Swedish tech developer who specializes in cryptocurrency.

His channel, Ivan on Tech, often features experts giving their take on the cryptocurrency markets, technical breakdowns of how different concepts in blockchain, and cryptocurrency work with a developers view on different coins.

What is powerful about this channel is that he helps the layman understand the prevailing technology of these cryptocurrencies.

Follow Ivan on Tech for:

  • Founder Interviews
  • Cryptocurrency Market Debates
  • Technological Breakdowns
  • Lessons and Tutorials on How to Create Coins or Run Protocols
  • News Updates

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5. Trade Devil

Like Node Investor, Trade Devil has a great technical analysis based channel.

Typically Trade Devil uses Elliot Waves (a methodology for measuring the markets) along with a host of other TA measurements helping to give a few possibilities of what could happen.

One of the key ideologies he recently said in a video is that you aren’t trying to figure out or crack the code, but get the best measurement and move from there.

Follow Trade Devil for:

  • Individual Coin TA
  • Elliot Waves
  • In-depth analysis and how to do it.

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6. Andreas Antonopoulos

Lastly, we have one of the top names in cryptocurrency.

Andreas Antonopoulos has been an evangelist of cryptocurrency, specifically Bitcoin, from around 2013.

His channel breaks down protocol updates, how cryptocurrency will disrupt the worlds total economy, and so much more.

We love Andreas and his method and recently wrote a spotlight article on him (which you can check out here).

Follow Andreas Antonopoulos for:

  • The Bigger Picture on Cryptocurrency
  • Protocol Updates and Breakdowns
  • Keynote Speeches
  • Optimism For The Future

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That’s it for our top 6 favorite cryptocurrency youtube channels.

Thanks for reading and let us know below in the comments if you’d like us to start a channel soon.

The GCA Team


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