These Are The Top 5 Most Anonymous Cryptocurrencies


When it comes to cryptocurrency everyone has their own idea of what truly makes a good coin.

Although, there is growing interest in the field of secure cryptocurrency.

More specifically, the anonymous cryptocurrency that keeps popping up is being featured in Palm Beach Confidential, conferences and a lot more.

Here’s the round-up of the most anonymous cryptocurrencies

Anonymous Cryptocurrency #1 – Dash


Dash or “Digital Cash” is said to be instant private payments online that use an open-source peer-to-peer network with a self-governing model and combination of masternodes in order to function.

Honestly, Dash is faster than most coins and uses a multiple transaction and verification methodology to keep your privacy safe. In other words, Dash splits up the amount you are sending into multiple transactions with the same amount, eliciting what looks like multiple wallets receiving it.

Utilizing that system it makes dash a lot harder to track than Bitcoin or Ethereum.

Anonymous Cryptocurrency #2 – Verge


Next, we have Verge.

Verge claims to “make it possible to engage in direct transactions quickly, effectively and privately.”

Verge has a unique protocol in which it sends your transaction through the unindexed private web browser TOR, subsequently shielding the information about the transaction from others.

Depending on if you have their new Wraith protocol on or off, you will keep your transaction completely hidden or release bits of information.

All in all, Verge is a great secure cryptocurrency, but keep in mind the amount of verge available and price of it if you are looking to trade it.

Anonymous Coin #3 – Monero


Monero is one of the first privacy coins created that went mainstream.

It uses a technology of ring signatures and ring confidentials to obfuscate the amount, origins and destination of your transactions also hiding your sending and receiving address.

Monero has a good community behind it and its blockchain is quick and easy to use.

With this secure cryptocurrency holding it for the long-term and/or using it as a privacy coin wouldn’t be a bad idea.

The Secure Cryptocurrency #4 – ZCash


Similar to the above cryptocurrencies, Zcash shields transactions to hide the sender, receiver and what is being sent, although it’s a bit different.

They say “if bitcoin is like HTTP for money, Zcash is the https” and for good reason.

Zcash uses a secure encrypted hashing system which is said to be unbreakable by even Quantum computing which we will see disrupting a lot in the future.

This is truly a secure cryptocurrency and one to keep an eye on for both investing and use.

Lastly, We Have Anonymous Cryptocurrency #5 – Zencash


Well Zcash and Zencash sound similar in nature, they are made by entirely different beasts.

Zencash uses Zksnarks to shield transactions and keep everything from user sending and receiving addresses to communications and publishing on this blockchain completely private.

Looking at their team you can even see many of the core developer team staying anonymous while developing this project.

Rather than just a currency, Zencash is a platform for a store of value, publishing, and communication and one that is going to do big things in the near future.

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