This Week In Cryptocurrency – 11.12.17

When it comes to Cryptocurrency there’s never a dull moment, and this week isn’t any different.  

Here’s the weekly roundup of the top 5 article/sources/coins that you need to see…

1. No More Hard Fork… Or Will There Be?

Recently the Bitcoin hard fork, what some would consider the apocalypse of Bitcoin, was called off leaving the price of Bitcoin skyrocketing all the way to an all time high of $7800 before falling back down to around $6000.

This is a typical pullback but one that stems from Bitcoin Cash growing at the same rate, which you can read about here.

In this email Mark Belshe at BitGo talked about why they were pausing the hard fork in order to help pull the community together, instead of intentionally dividing the rift.

Which leads the question?

How will Bitcoin upgrade to support and allow the masses to adopt it.

That is the problem trying to be solved by Segwit and the reason for the recent spike in Bitcoin Cash, and it is something that we should definitely be keeping an eye on.

2. $859 Million Of Recovered Mt.Gox Funds May Go To CEO

While there were a lot of people affected by the Mt.Gox hack and the over $7 Billion in funds that went missing, the CEO Mark Karpeles may walk away with $859 million of those funds.

Whether it’s fair or not, we wonder if he will donate or help those affected with the almost $1 billion dollars that he will be receiving.

You can read about the full article over at Cryptocoinsnews

3. SingularDTV Launches Gramatik Coin – Live Stream By Crypt0News

Omar at Crypt0news has been putting out some amazing content for a while now, and this week he added live streaming of Gramatik’s coin launch, which you can watch here:

You can watch the full live stream above or head to

4. Market Rebounding Technical Analysis By Node Investor

When it comes to TA (technical analysis) Node Investor runs a great youtube channel as well as courses in order to teach people all about it.

This week, with Segwit2x being cancelled, Altcoins started to rebound and Node Investor jumped on for over an hour to analyze the charts of the current market giving some insight into how coins may turnout in the next couple weeks:

You can check that out here at Node Investor’s website

5. The Bitcoin War Begins by The Dollar Vigilante:

With the recent split and price jump in Bitcoin Cash, Jeff Berwick from The Dollar Vigilante, wrote a great piece talking about the now rift between BTC users and BCH users.

More specifically it comes down to functionality and scale.

If people want a Bitcoin that is free, decentralized and quick (meaning that it can be adopted by the masses) here’s what he has to say,

But if you thought Bitcoin was an anarcho-capitalist digital currency meant to make the current central banking fiat currency system obsolete by being able to handle transactions of millions or billions of people for little cost and with digital age speed… then Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash.” – Jeff Berwick

And that’s just the truth of the matter.

Bitcoin is about cryptography, decentralization and the technology that allows it to bank the billions unbanked, and without an upgrade, that doesn’t seem to possible in the foreseeable future.

You can check out the full article here: Bitcoin War Begins

That’s it for this weeks round-up of Cryptocurrency news articles from around the globe.


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