The 4 Best Cryptocurrency Apps For Keeping Track Of The Markets


In the cryptocurrency space, things are constantly changing.

Most people want to be able to be updated and see what’s going on in real time.

While having a wallet that keeps track of your portfolio is good, using a specialized app for keeping track of the market makes it 100x easier.

Here are our four favorite apps for keeping track of the cryptocurrency market.

1. Blockfolio

While a lot of people fade in and out of liking Blockfolio –  it is one of the most consistent apps.

On Blockfolio it is easy to upload coins, prices you bought them at, and to organize a portfolio.

And it conveniently will tell you what is doing well, what isn’t doing well, and a 24-hour change of the market.

Which makes our life a lot easier.

Often times you can find us at GCA refreshing Blockfolio after finishing a morning meditation.

Get Blockfolio here – Blockfolio App

2. CoinMarketCap

When someone wants to look up the price of a coin and see its position they typically use

Coinmarketcap is a phenomenal resource for keeping track of the cryptocurrency market.

Their app offers very similar features.

Besides showing a conglomerate of the coin data from exchanges around the world, you can also add to your portfolio to monitor it on the apps.

This is both convenient and easy to use.

Check out Coinmarketcap here – Coinmarketcap app

3. Delta

Delta is an application similar to the above although, it has an intuitive feel.

With a good interface and wide array of coins to add it is a very convenient app.

They keep real-time 24-hour data to show you how your portfolio is doing, while even allowing you to have multiple portfolios (if you manage anyone else’s).

You can set alerts, merge ICO entries with real-time coins, and much more.

Check out Delta here – Delta App

4. Gravychain

Lastly, we have gravychain.

Now, this app isn’t the best for portfolio tracking or keeping alerts, but we use it for something different.

With the cryptocurrency markets, an important part is TA and the order book.

We like to look at the order book to see what is going on with a coin, whether it is being bought up or moving down.

And unlike the other apps, Gravychain allows you to see that easily.

I wouldn’t manage a portfolio or alerts on it, but for quick analysis of coins, it is excellent.

Check out Gravychain here – Gravychain App

What We’ve Been Using:

We currently use Blockfolio to keep track of our portfolio and Gravychain for quick market tracking.

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