Substratum Announcement For World Day Against Cyber Censorship

substratum announcement

While much of the market has been on a stable decline, especially the altcoins, Substratum has had a surprisingly great day.

This comes on the world day against cyber censorship and a three-part announcement that they made on youtube…

Substratum Announcement For Day Against Cyber Censorship

Substratum is a project the GCA Team loves.

It combines the blockchain and censorship resistance with a global network making the internet truly free again.

No more censorship, no more running of a VPN or TOR,  but instead, SUB promises some pretty audacious goals of completely re-engineering the net to be completely free.

And today the Substratum announcement was three part:

Now for those of you who don’t want to watch the video here is the three-part announcement:

  1. SubstratumNode v.0.2.0 is complete and will start to be rolled out to beta testers today. They are releasing it slowly to 100 beta testers a day (in sequential order) and having them test out http sites.
  2. That means the team is now working on the current public beta release that will be available soon. This release will be open to the general public!
  3. SubstratumNode code is about to be released Open Source under the GPL v3.0-only license.

That is big news for Substratum.

During the bull market, SUB saw all-time highs around $3 before completely retracing to $0.40 at the low.

After this announcement prices went up around 30% on a bearish day for Bitcoin and the rest of the market. With the advent of this technology, we may see SUB prices come back to that of what they were in early December and a working project that can change the world.

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