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When it comes to Bitcoin, one of the names most synonymous with its education and Evangelism is Andreas Antonopoulos.

Andreas started working with Bitcoin in 2012, and it took over his life.

In fact, within the first month of studying and integrating Bitcoin into his life, he claims to have dropped over 20 pounds because of pure fascination with this new technology.

Who Is Andreas Antonopoulos?

Andreas is a Greek-born bitcoin evangelist, although in today he acts more like a total cryptocurrency evangelist.

If you aren’t familiar with Greece and their banking history, here’s a quick primer.

In late 2009 Greek citizens were hit with the vengeance of their countries debt and a recession that would put them out of commission, leading to one of the most chaotic banking situations that ever happened.

FDIC credit disappeared overnight, and people flooded banks trying to get “their” money.

The problem was that being stored in a bank, it technically wasn’t “their” money anymore, and thus they had fines, restrictions, and reductions in their amount and the amount allowed to be taken out.

Now Andreas didn’t have much money stored in the banks.

Being a cypherpunk, he had been operating in a territory that realized the fallacy of current organizations, and thus was safe from the crisis.

He is a Greek native, so it did affect him in that his whole country, overnight, was changed for good.

That is why he took Bitcoin as a legitimate code that could change the world and its economic system forever.

And it was at that time he started to pursue Bitcoin evangelism, putting himself into debt, until he could climb out of that hole.

One, which recently, was filled by people generous for his information provided for the past couple years, to the tune of a few million dollars of charitable donations.

Why Andreas Is In Today’s Spotlight

Andreas is a stand-up figure in the community.

Besides hosting free talks and helping to seriously educate the cryptocurrency community on the ramifications of what this technology can do, he is always in it for the greater good.

We’ve taken many of his messages to heart and wanted to say thank you for all that he has done for the community.

Currently, he is working on his newest book, Mastering Ethereum (which you can pre-order here) but if you haven’t read his previous books then what are you waiting for?

  • Mastering Bitcoin (Programming The Open Blockchain) | Note this is a very technical guide – Amazon
  • The Internet of Money Vol 1. – Amazon
  • The Internet of Money Vol 2. – Amazon

For anyone new to cryptocurrency we highly recommend either of the Internet of Money books.

Prepare to have your mind blown and the implications of this technology highlighted in a way that anyone can understand.

And if you want to payback Andreas for all of the good he does, make sure to sign up for his patreon at

Follow Andreas on Twitter | Facebook | Youtube 

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