Shadow Bans, Blocked Accounts, and Giveaway Twitter Scams

If you’re on twitter and following cryptocurrency accounts then you probably have seen what is going on…

Account shadow bans, blocking of legitimate accounts, and 1000s of twitter scams claiming to giveaway free cryptocurrency for sending some their way.

And it has only been getting worse.

Heck, in an article we wrote last week, Elon Musk talked about having the scams show up under his tweets.

What’s All The Fuss About? Twitter and Crypto

Let’s start with a few definitions for each of the topics above:

Shadow Bans

Recently accounts all over the twitter cryptoshpere have been popping up claiming to have been shadow banned.

A shadowban entails:

  • Unavailable Tweets
  • Tweets Not Showing Up To Followers
  • And being on the “blacklist.”

One clear example is an account called @bitcoinmom who had followers direct messaging her to tell her that her tweets in threads were showing up unavailable.

Blocked Accounts

This one is pretty obvious.

These are accounts reported by users as fake, malicious, or deemed by Twitter as going against their policies.

A big example, which just recently happened, was the Kraken support team’s twitter being “permanently” banned after not complying with the terms of Twitter.

They have since been reinstated for use after further investigation.

Giveaway Scams

Lastly, we have the worst and most annoying.

A scam that has made Vitalik Buterin change his twitter name to the following:


These scams are an account with similar names to the one tweeting, claiming to give away ETH or BTC based on you sending a certain amount to their address first.

Here is a classic example:

These are scams, as the name of the actual handle does not, whatsoever, resemble the actual account name.

Many people have been falling for these scams and twitter is filled with them right now.

What Will Twitter Do About Cryptocurrency?

Recently Jack Dorsey (@Jack) the founder of Twitter said “we are on it” in response to a message sent by Cornell professor Emin Gün Sirer.

Granted, the issue is yet to be resolved, and it’s drawing a lot of unwanted attention to the pitfalls of different areas of twitter.

Cryptocurrency advocates on Twitter have been long asking for a crypto-based twitter, without scams and with quicker response times, which if Twitter doesn’t step up, maybe that happens somewhere else.

Only time will tell, and we hope that shortly Twitter will resolve these problems with the crypto community.

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