PO.ET Introduces Frost API Implementation | GCA Starts Running PO.ET

PO.ET Frost

We at GCA have been fans of PO.ET since the initial concept came out.

PO.ET is a way to timestamp and push your content into the blockchain, to not only show the validity that it is yours but allow for native discovery and so much more.

We had been eagerly waiting until we could start implementing it into our site…

On Medium today, February 8th, 2017,  Max Bronstein released the Frost API.

What is PO.ET Frost and How To Use It

If you scroll down to the bottom of this post, you should see a small badge claiming that this was shared on PO.ET.

To set up the FROST API on WordPress you simply need to head here (PO.ET Github) and then follow these steps outlined in the medium article (1.)

How to Install

  • Access the release section of the repository and download the most recent release
  • Within the WordPress admin panel, go to “Plugins > Add New” and select “Upload Plugin”
  • The plugin will also soon be available in the Plugin Directory.

How to Use

  • Within the WordPress admin panel, go to “Plugins > Installed Plugins” and scroll down until you find “Po.et Article Poster”
  • Access “Settings” to configure the plugin
  • Set “Author Name” to either your name, pen name, publication’s name, etc.
  • Input your API token which you can access at frost.po.et
  • Make sure automatic posting is enabled

Then after you’ve followed these steps, your articles and posts should start being automatically updated and posted to the PO.ET blockchain.

For GCA, this is an exciting time because it is allowing for the ease of implementation of the blockchain.

We look forward to more from PO.ET and if you haven’t checked out the full guide on them be sure to do so (PO.ET Complete Guide).

Thanks for reading,

The GCA Team

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February 8th 2018, 17:40

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