Mist Wallet Browser On Ethereum May Have Private Keys In Jeopardy


On Ethereum, there are multiple ways to store and ensure that your funds are safe.

Although, there has been news that the mist wallet browser may have a security flaw.

Mist Wallet Browser Bug For Ethereum Private Keys

An update by the mist team has detailed that their update may have created discrepancies from electron (the underlying platform) and the chromium browser which could release private keys.

The company said(1):

“Due to a Chromium vulnerability affecting all released versions of the Mist Browser Beta v0.9.3 and below, we are issuing this alert warning users not to browse untrusted websites with Mist Browser Beta at this time.”

This doesn’t apply to the desktop application.

There has been a lot flowing around in the Ethereum ecosystem lately.

From Cryptokitties taking over the network to the parity wallet hack without any sound resolutions.

And this adds to an overall trend that we have been seeing.

We are on the up and up when it comes to market and use. That means that we will need to iron out bugs and really make sure the platform can handle a global user base.

So while this may seem bad it is something necessary.

With all of the scaling coming to Ethereum within the next 6-18 months, we will see Ethereum growing heavily in infrastructure and users.

Their statement finished by talking about the security that comes when combining these three platforms:

“A core problem with the current architecture is that any 0-day Chromium vulnerability is several patch-steps away from Mist: first Chromium needs to be patched, then Electron needs to update the Chromium version, and finally, Mist needs to update to the new Electron version.”

Remember to follow and safeguard all of your private keys and take extra security precautions.

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