John Oliver Hosts Last Week Tonight on Cryptocurrency

last week tonight on cryptocurrency

The Big Bang Theory cryptocurrency episode was big news for the industry.

Granted, the episode wasn’t that good, and it didn’t do much of anything to the price overall.

Last night, John Oliver took the stage with a featurette of about 25 minutes that completely broke down what cryptocurrencies are and how they work.

Last Week Tonight On Cryptocurrency

It may not seem that huge, but Last Week Tonight with John Oliver is a popular show hosted on HBO.

And lately, cryptocurrency has only been facing a few negative intonations because of the “crash” of Bitcoin and volatility of the coins.

In this segment, John Oliver goes on a 25-minute rant where he adequately describes much of cryptocurrency…

He even goes on to say that dollars aren’t backed by anything and makes fun of the illogical breakdown that Don Tapscott gives about the blockchain being like Chicken Nuggets that can’t be re-engineered into a chicken.

And to add gasoline to the fire John Oliver goes on to make fun of Bitconnect.

Keagan Micheal-Key plays the famous Bitconnect yelling guy, and Oliver, an investor who doesn’t even question what he is investing in.

Lastly, he goes on to call out the creator of Tether and what it is.

While all this is funny a lot is coming about in the cryptocurrency industry right now, and google trends are showing the same decline, and crash as investors holding Bitcoin have faced.

John Oliver

Popular mass media can help us get to critical mass, as long as the technology is working at a high rate.

Bitcoin was meant to be a global peer-to-peer digital cash.

And it can be, but only time will tell which cryptocurrency truly becomes the one that the masses start to use.

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