No, The Japan FSA Isn’t Ceasing Operations on Binance

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Ahh, Binance.

Binance has been the most widely talked about cryptocurrency exchange in the last few months…

From a hack, to a bounty that resulted from that hack, to improving their platform and so much more – we’ve seen the highs and lows of Binance.

Although, they always handle bad press with the utmost professionalism.

And today isn’t any different.

More Binance FUD | Japan FSA Is NOT Ceasing Operations From Binance

Recently, Nikkei published an article that went into the details of Japan’s FSA (Financial Services Agency) on the verge of ordering Binance to cease offering services.

There is no record showing this occurring, let alone a reason for it to happen.

And that’s where CZ, Binance’s CEO, came in on Twitter:

CZ has been extremely active in the cryptocurrency community and always has a way of breaking down the FUD, especially around Binance.

This is another report that may be going around right now, so don’t share the fake news and make sure to help cut down on the B.S. by sharing articles like this (shameless plug).

The JFSA has been beefing up operations recently to cut down scams and ICOs, yet they are in good communication with Binance.

And all of this comes after the news from the G20 meeting, which has resulted in a period of laws and legal regulations sprouting up all around the globe, which hopefully can help pave the way to mass adoption.

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