How To Use Bitcoin - 3 Ways To Use Cryptocurrency For Everything

how to use bitcoin

When it comes to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, people want to know and learn how to spend them.

Not just let them sit there.

While they are a commodity, they are also a utility and with that there are hundreds of people using Bitcoin as their day to day currency.

Although, to some vendors and processors it doesn’t look like that.

Let’s jump into it.


One of the easiest ways to use Bitcoin and various coins is by using a card that looks just like any other debit or credit card.

There are three cards that we will talk about in this step but many more coming up in the future.

The Shift Card - Linked To A Coinbase Account

Coinbase Shift Card

The first and easiest to use - the Shift Card.

While many people buy and want to use cryptocurrency for the anonymity that it provides, the Shift card won’t function in that way, so if that’s what you are looking for, we recommend moving to one of the next two cards.

The shift card is hooked to your coinbase account.

Which allows you to simply buy and hold Bitcoin on coinbase and then utilize it in real-time with shift.

All you have to do is set-up their app, order the card ($9.99) and then hook it to your BTC wallet.

And that’s it.

You can use the card anywhere that accepts Visa.

All it does is sell off your BTC and converts it automatically to USD which is then spent real time.

Pretty awesome right?

Learn more at their site here:

The TenX Pay Card

Besides having their own token (PAY) which we at GCA do like, TenX is designed as a card for spending cryptocurrency.

Where TenX differs from something like Shift, is that it allows for a diverse spending of crypto.

Currently they allow Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dash, and many ERC-20 coins.

This makes it a lot more universal and easy to use a diverse portfolio.

Similar to Shift, you hook this up to a wallet on their website, which you manage in an app.

All you need to do is upload what you would like to have available to spend on the card into your wallet and then you are all set to go.

They use Visa as their platform so you can use it anywhere.

TenX also rewards people who hold their coin PAY (learn more with our Coin review).

With this card you are also not theoretically hooked up to an account that delivers to the IRS making it a bit more anonymous than the Shift card.

*The TenX Card is not available in the U.S. currently

Learn more at their site:

The WireX Card

Alike the other two cards, the WireX card is a physical card that allows you to spend Bitcoin.

As a bonus, it is also a digital card.

This means you can create a number of cards and use them online, but it doesn’t actually exist.

For some who only want to do a few purchases and not “link” an address, this may prove to be more beneficial.

It is a bit more anonymous than the other two cards.

You can withdraw from ATMs, spend it online or in physical stores.

*It is only available in the EAA right now

This card is convenient and easy to use, and definitely one we recommend for day to day purchases and also withdrawing cash.

Learn more at their site:

2. How To Spend Bitcoin Online

While searching “stores that accept bitcoin” will elicit a large amount of retailers, here’s a few you may be looking for:

There are a few ways to look for stores that you really want, and a few options of working around the system.

Look Up Stores That Have Bitpay, Stripe, or Square

With Bitcoin rising so quickly in value, everyone is trying to accept and adopt it.

There are a few different payment processors to look for if you want to make sure you can spend your BTC anywhere.


This is a payment platform that allows businesses to accept Bitcoin and then choose a frequency in payout of said Bitcoin.

They can literally accept and exchange it for USD in that day, or hold it.

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Now anywhere that you see accepts Bitcoin or that has Bitpay will accept Bitcoin - which is pretty awesome.

Stripe or Square

Two payment processors that many e-commerce and retailers use are Stripe and Square.

Each of these companies are very reputable and exploring cryptocurrency.

Square is in a limited release phase for its Bitcoin accepting service.

Stripe allows merchants to add the option to their stripe service very easily, just by turning on a setting (something that we have done).

With these services, merchants have to want to accept cryptocurrency.

If you know they do, then it's easy to use.

Although, a quick email or reaching out to the seller may help them turn the feature on and start accepting it...

Letting you use your cryptocurrency and them profit.

Buying Gift Cards With Bitcoin

Another major way people spend cryptocurrency day-to-day is by buying gift cards for services.

While this may seem like a scapegoat, often times you can get a discount on your purchase by using Bitcoin.

In order to do this check out these gift card sellers:

This will allow you to spend BTC on amazon, in stores, and just about anywhere that has a gift card.

And you get benefits.

Some places give extra points, some more money, and most have no fees.

It’s an easy way to get gift cards and spend BTC in real life.

And it helps you remain completely anonymous during your transactions as you are using BTC at a store rather than cash.

Trading Bitcoin For Goods Or Services

The majority of this article focused on websites and stores that require certain payment processors, this is a bit different.

One of the root ideas for Bitcoin and cryptocurrency is peer-to-peer interaction.

Which means people working with each other.

Not an entity.

And that is one of the easiest ways to actually accept and pay with Bitcoin.

By finding those with goods or services that want to be paid out in Bitcoin, anyone can actually spend it that way.

Here are a few sites with freelance workers for cryptocurrency:

Now hiring services through these sites are easy, letting you pay for something in Bitcoin.

Although, there always is the possibility of just asking someone if they accept crypto.

Andreas Antonopoulos has been helping people for years with cryptocurrency and only accepts/uses cryptocurrency.

Which in fact, is Bitcoin’s main purpose:

A means of exchange as well as a store of value.

So ask next time you want to spend it and you may be surprised by people accepting it.

You also know sellers can now accept Bitcoin too, so look for that option if you want to spend Bitcoin on craigslist.


Get out there and start using cryptocurrency.

We at GCA recommend keeping money in BTC even if you are going to just hold it and spend it day-to-day.

Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies continue to increase in value, whereas a bank account never sees interest maturate into anything worthwhile.

It's something we constantly see.

And if you are in it for the long haul then holding and using it like a bank account with a debit attached may lead to more money over time (as it gains in value).

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Thanks for reading,

The GCA Team

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