Google Pursues Two Blockchain Projects After Recent Crypto Ad Ban

Recently, Google joined Facebook in banning advertisements that are related to cryptocurrencies.

For some this marked a clear line in the sand that Google would not be pursuing cryptocurrencies, while for others, it showed Google helping to fight against scammy ICOs and those “personalities” making money off of b.s. Signals.

Now Google has just released the fact that they have two Google blockchain projects that will be released soon.

Google Blockchain Projects

The goal of these projects is to have more transparency in Google’s data on the whole.

Which is why these are two completely separate blockchain projects:

  • A “Tamper-Proof” Auditing System
  • Cloud Operations Platform

This comes via a U.S. patent recently filed on behalf of Google’s parent company Alphabet.

The patent says:

“A method of performing tamper-evident logging may include identifying an existing block in a target blockchain, where the existing block is associated with a first signature, and identifying a block of a second blockchain, where the block that is identified is associated with a second signature. The second blockchain is not a part of the target blockchain.”

With cryptocurrency ads being banned on the platform for the time being (as we think it comes from refining algorithms) there is still a question whether this would have its cryptocurrency and how it would function.

Blockchain, itself, means nothing but a database.

But, when you pair it with a plethora of other factors like censorship resistance, borderless, decentralized, and a few others you create valid blockchain.

Will this becomes true blockchain or a glorified database aiming at increasing the value of their stock.

As we can’t say now, it is awesome to see the pursuit of new technology by a company as large as Google.

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