Pre-Registration For Ethos Universal Wallet Now Available

Ethos Universal Wallet

Ethos is a favorite here at Global Crypto Academy…

Their mission, “is to make the daunting cryptocurrency market accessible to everyone, accelerate adoption of blockchain technology and democratize ownership of cryptocurrencies” (1).

This universal wallet is going to offer a number of amazing benefits on top of storing and investing into cryptocurrency such as:

  • Smart keys for protecting your private keys
  • One-click diversification
  • Maximum liquidity
  • Mobile ready application
  • No setup fees or hidden costs
  • Tax-friendly reports
  • And a lot more

You can read our full guide on Ethos here: What Is Ethos

As they are smashing tasks off of their roadmap, it’s getting exciting, not just for them, but for cryptocurrency on a whole.

Let’s dive into the recent news they just dropped…

Ethos Universal Wallet Pre-Registration

Ethos Universal Wallet

Those signed up for their updates should have seen the email on how Ethos is now accepting pre-registration for their universal wallet.

The team is still hard at work putting on the finishing touches and if you register, they’ll let you know when it’s ready to try out and for wide-release.

Everyone has until March 31st for pre-registration.

They’ll also be rewarding the pre-registered users with a few cool perks:

  • Community airdrop program
  • Verified wallet address
  • Updates & exclusive news
  • Free gold membership

Final Thoughts

We’re pumped to see Ethos moving forward. As this company grows and grows, it’s going to help take cryptocurrency to the masses.

For more information on Ethos and how to pre-register for their universal wallet, head over to their website below:

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