Eco – The New Cryptocurrency With Tim Ferriss and Naval Ravikant

When it comes to the brand-new cryptocurrencies being released, there are multiple coming out a day…

So many, that it takes us at GCA a long time to comb through all of the new ICOs and scammy products in the blockchain space.

But, today we want to talk about a new cryptocurrency…

And the one it’s trying to contend with is… Bitcoin

Naval Ravikant and Tim Ferriss Advise ECO

Eco is a brand new cryptocurrency coming out shortly.

While their Github is empty and the company is in its barebones founding stage, it is being run more like a start-up than a decentralized entity.

In a recent email by Tim Ferriss (his five bullet Friday’s), he showed off “the only cryptocurrency project he is looking at” which also conveniently shows that he is an adviser.

This is Eco.


A Digital Currency For Everyone

And they draw praise to it being a currency available globally without control by a single entity whether that be a nation, organization, or individual.

Utilizing a network of foundations around the globe that verify transactions, this cryptocurrency is meant to be more available and easy for the everyday person to use.

Which is one of the reasons for the slow mass adoption for Bitcoin.

Granted, having a currency that flows easily like a text message is backed up and feels safe to the user while easy to use in day-to-day life will be a major benefit.

Will ECO Be The One?

Perhaps – this cryptocurrency could be the one that helps bridge the gap to mass adoption.

It’s to early to tell, but we wanted to write this to give you a first mover’s advantage.

And for a limited time, they are allowing anyone who signs up to get some free Eco when it is released in the blockchain sphere.

To sign up and get some, click here: (there is no affiliate code. Hence we get nothing from this).

And to read their white paper click here:

We will keep you updated in the meantime.

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