A Few Cryptotraders To Follow For TA and Chart Reading


While the markets fluctuate, people panic and hair gets pulled out – but there’s more to be talked about than just a steep decline.

Instead, let’s jump into some of the top technical analysis and crypto traders from around Twitter.


“I am a degenerate gambling addict. This is not financial advice. I do not know what I am doing.”

Here is his website: cryptocobain.com

@Crypto_God – Future McDonalds Employee

“Bitcoin & altcoin trader – Shillmaster!”

@Cryptoyoda1338 – CryptoYoda

“Crypto Enthusiast, Technical Analyst, I’m breathing charts, I’m living Crypto.”

Website: cryptoyoda1338.wordpress.com

@MagUra_Crypto – MΔgUra

“#cryptocurrency Trader.. #bitcoin and $ZCASH collector. Mad. Don’t live to trade, trade to live! I’m telling you what I’m doing.. follow your heart, not me..”

@VentureCoinist – Luke Martin

“I chart coins and talk about crypto investment strategy. Blockchain Startup Investor and Advisor. Subscribe to #CoinChat: https://www.youtube.com/venturecoinist

Website: venturecoinist.com


“Just a dude with a twitter account. #BTFD all day. Bag holdin is my forte #altcoins $crypto #bitcoin”


The reason we like these traders is that they provide reliable TA and some good commentary on the market.

Plus some of them are wildly comical, especially during rough times like we are currently seeing.

BTFD and have a great night,

The GCA Team

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