Cryptocurrency Growth Adds NYSE ETF and Binance Halts New Users


The first week of 2018 has officially ended.

Although, for Cryptocurrency, things are just starting to heat up.

With growth multiplying faster than any previous year we are seeing the NYSE ETFs becoming a sure thing and Binance limiting new user registrations.

NYSE ETFs Almost Here

Recently the CBOE and CME started to trade Bitcoin futures, but New York is now feeling behind.

After aiming to get their futures up as fast as possible, it has been confirmed that the NYSE ETFs will be taking place soon.

These ETFs will be linked to the price of Bitcoin futures on CBOE and CME.

Wall Street is only becoming more interested in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and the like as recently as Peter Thiels VC fund recently stated that it had invested millions in Bitcoin(1.)

And we’ve also seen Mark Zuckerburg recently talk about Cryptocurrency and decentralization being one of his biggest focuses for 2018 (2.)

Binance Has To Halt New Users

On the other hand, this new revolution and the speed at which people are coming on board is a lot of bandwidth.

Binance is currently one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges and one of our favorite at GCA.

Despite that, they had to suspend new user registration for a time because they saw up to 250,000 people being boarded in a single day to their exchange.

That is larger growth than this industry has ever seen.

And right now about $9.5 billion moves daily on Binance.

This is just the beginning of a movement that the world has never seen and we thank you for being part of it.

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