Cryptocurrency and Business – Why The Early Adopter Gets The Reward


The wave is coming.

Over 260,000 different businesses across the globe accept Cryptocurrency and this is only the beginning…

Overstock, Microsoft, Virgin Galatic and even Shopify are now on the list of companies that accept Cryptocurrency (and Shopify even allows users on their platform to accept it).

Here’s the fact of the matter.

The early adopters, those business’s who accept Bitcoin and various Cryptocurrencies now will profit, both from the increase in price and the cheap service that it takes to currently accept it.

While, those who don’t start to accept it yet and wait, will ultimately be pushed into accepting it or isolating a huge part of their customer base.

Why Should A Business Accept Cryptocurrency?

There are a few main reasons that come to mind:

  1. Complete transactions that clear in minutes and allow your business to access all of the funds within 20 minutes
  2. A huge new user base of passionate people
  3. The ability to help increase this new decentralized application
  4. Secure Payments

Those are just a few of the reasons that many businesses are starting to accept cryptocurrency actively and make a hefty profit from it.

And the best part is that many of these businesses are so confident that they give deals, because its bound to increase over time.

In fact, the founder of AdSkills, Justin Brooke (a cryptocurrency advocate) recently gave a 2:1 price if you spent Bitcoin for his products:

Then only three days later…

This is exactly why it pays to be an early adopter when it comes to accepting cryptocurrencies as a business.

Although, one problem people seem to run into is that they don’t know what payment processors, merchants, plugins or anything else that will allow their business to do this successfully.

For now, I want to give you a quick list. Although, make sure to join our messenger below and get notified when we release our course to help onboard your business with Cryptocurrencies:

Which Merchants Can You Use?

Well here’s the awesome thing…

More and more merchants daily are using and allowing cryptocurrency and business to work together, so in time, you will be able to use just about any merchant.

For now, setting up the systems and one of the available merchants will let Cryptocurrency and business work together as a beautiful pair making each other money.

How Can Cryptocurrency and My Business Work Together?

Use one of these platforms (in the program we will dive deep into how to set all of these up but for now here is the list.)

Now, these are some of the best ways to easily integrate Cryptocurrency and business.

The key is to join the movement before you have too.

With something like this, that contains a finite amount, and that consumers show they want based on the free market and premiums ranging from 10-30% in areas where it is harder to exchange, shows the power of this currency.

Cryptocurrency, including Bitcoin, is coming like a wave, and you either join early and ride it out or get pulled into because it’s what people want to use.

I know it can seem daunting to learn how to set up a Cryptocurrency payment accepting method.

And that’s why we are putting together a course for anyone looking to have their business accept Cryptocurrency without having any hassle.

Join the waitlist by clicking below:

Thanks for reading,

The GCA Team

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