The Crypto Collection 12/3/17 – Casper, On-Chain Goverance, And More


It’s another week and with it comes the Crypto Collection – a round-up of some things that you may have missed this week in Cryptocurrency.

Let’s jump into it.

Casper Protocol Breakdown

Ethereum, unlike most cryptocurrencies, constantly is undergoing upgrades and new developments for both scaling and helping to give it quicker speeds (making mass adoption possible).

Recently, we came across a fantastic article put together by Blockgeeks on Casper protocol and the breakdown of how it will work.

Casper will be introduced soon to the Ethereum mainnet, so it is good to see what is to come.

On a higher level, Casper is a proof-of-stake protocol within Ethereum.

One that will help Ethereum grow without lagging times in transactions and higher cost for those transactions.

Here is the guide for anyone looking to check it out: What is Ethereum Casper Protocol?

Against On-Chain Governance

Vlad Zamfir is one of the developers working on Ethereum Casper protocol and this week he put out an article about on-chain governance.

There is a debate in the crypto community if On-chain governance will be necessary and how it could be implemented.

It’s a big debate as to whether Blockchain governance is something that should happen.

Mainly because most of the cryptocurrency community helps advocate less government and more people-to-people living.

Thus, a blockchain governance model takes away a lot of what we think governance is.

Yet, the article is great and we recommend people check it out at: Against On-Chain Governance

Bitcoin Breaks To Almost $12k

It’s been a roller coaster this week.

And we’ve seen it in the Bitcoin charts.

Bitcoin flew to $12,000 and then swiftly dropped back to $8500 and now it’s sitting again near $12,000 (updated chart below).

With the volatility and drastic price increase, it will be interesting to see what developments come with Bitcoin traded on NASDAQ, CBOE, and CME.

Regardless, we here at GCA are celebrating Bitcoin rising more and more, in price and conversation, every day.

The Crypt0 Minute

We are fans of Omar’s Crpyt0news and this week he launched a cool version of his news, with a spin for people that don’t have much time.

The Crypt0 Minute will let people who are short on time catch up on the cryptocurrency news… in a minute.

It’s a great concept and something definitely worth checking out for quick crypto updates.

Head here to check it out:

Government Jumping On Crypto?

The last few articles for this crypto collection have one common theme.

They center on the government jumping on cryptocurrency for regulations and watching what is going on.

We saw this in the news article on regulations and rules from a few days ago, although it seems to be heating up.

If Congress passes new AML (anti-money laundering) laws then non-disclosure of Cryptocurrency assets may be a felony.

Read that here:

And then we have the White House saying that cryptocurrency is being monitored stating:

“I know this is something that is being monitored by our team here,”

In other words, regulations are coming.

What they are, how they will be enforced and many questions really can’t be answered at this time, but preparing yourself for them is definitely a good move.

While we believe in a free society, that can work together, before that happens we will see regulations.

Government is about control, not governance.

And that will become more evident in due time.

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