The Crypto Collection 12/17/2017 – Verge, The Mission, And More…


Verge Moves More Than 300%

This week we’ve seen many cryptocurrencies on the climb, but one that people didn’t expect was Verge (XVG).

Verge is a privacy coin and surrounding a tweet by John McAfee the price has surged.

Verge recently released their wraith protocol, which added to all the talk about it.

Currently, Verge is sitting with the below stats after not being able to break $.01 for some time.

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Ethereum Mist Wallet Major Flaw

Recently the Mist Wallet team released an urgent message.

It was surrounding the code in the Mist Wallet for Ethereum which may lead to private keys being stolen.

Granted, this isn’t taking place on the desktop application, but it is something to keep an eye on.

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The Mission of Cryptocurrency

Many people are aiming to profit greatly off of cryptocurrency.

Although, there are a bigger picture and better mission of what cryptocurrency is and why it was created.

In the technologically evolving world, peer-to-peer creation and interactions are becoming more important.

And cryptocurrency is a way to facilitate this by creating a trustless system and incentives for honesty.

It truly is an amazing ecosystem.

And we thank you for joining us on this amazing ride.

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Bye, Bye Net Neutrality… Hello Substratum

Substratum is a company aimed at creating a decentralized network.

This network will power an Internet where your data can be sheathed without using a VPN or anything like it.

That means people in China, India, and the U.S. won’t be affected by blocks and disruptions that providers ensue.

And with Net Neutrality being taken down, this week we’ve seen Substratum fly up.

Here’s substratum current price:

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