Abandoned Coal Mines, 3D Printing, And Congress Investigates More Blockchain Technology

Despite the bear market (that we seem to slowly be climbing out of) we cannot forget the power behind blockchain technology and how it’s going to change the world…

Congress Is Going To Discuss Blockchain Technology Tomorrow

It’s nice to see the folks in Congress doing their research on blockchain technology…

Basically a hearing is going to take place discussing more uses regarding this technology outside of cryptocurrencies.

Which we think is great publicity for everything on a whole.

Coindesk.com did a great job at covering all the details for exactly what to expect – you can read the full article here

Abandoned Australian Coal Plant Will Be The Next Mining Space

The goal here is to turn Redbank Power Station into a “Blockchain Applications Complex,” with nearby Hunter Energy Power Station sourcing cut-price power for the project.

If everything goes as planned, mining operations for Bitcoin in this area will span over 5 acres.

Check out the full story at Cointelegraph.com here

Blockchain Technology & Excitement Behind 3D Printing

Over the past couple years, 3d printing has made tremendous strides…

A big role blockchain technology can play in this is ensuring machines can effectively communicate with one another and reduce the risk of human error or fraud/hacking.

This will also allow for more creative work to be done by us humans while the machines can govern themselves, eliminating the tedious, manual labor.

Read the full story on 3d Printing here over at Coindesk.com

An interesting world we will soon be living in to say the least, right?

We at GCA are excited to see what the Summer months have in store for the crypto space; and by the looks of it, a bull market is on the rise…

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