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What is Storm Token | A Quick Overview

Storm token is a cryptocurrency behind the Storm market that aims to help create more earning opportunities for members. The STORM market will give members to earn, engage, and advance with their gamified platform for micro-tasks.

The History of Storm Token

Coming soon...

The Storm Token Founder and Advisors

Simon Yu - Linkedin - CEO and Co-Founder

The Business Prodigy": At the age of 19, Simon turned a $100 gift into a $500,000 business. Since then, Simon has used his unique vision and ability to execute to grow a small dorm room project into a multi-billion dollar business opportunity receiving very little outside investments (from Storm).

Bill Shihara - Linkedin - Advisor 1

Co-Founder/CEO, Bittrex

Charles Hoskinson - Linkedin - Advisor 2

CEO of IOHK (Ada/Cardano) and Former CEO and Co-founder of Ethereum

Anthony Diiorio - Linkedin - Advisor 3

CEO & Founder at Jaxx & Decentral, Founder at Ethereum

Storm Coin Media 

Twitter - Linkedin - Reddit - Medium - Facebook - Website

Storm Coin White Paper

Read the white paper here

Total Coin Supply

10,000,000,000 STORM

The Purpose of STORM Coin

When it comes to micro-tasks, there are only a few places that allow people to perform them.

Amazon microturks being one of them, but it's becoming dominated by A.I. and companies where we can’t see transparency as well as special technology.

Now, Storm is trying to gamify how this works.

By having a complimentary application, Storm market will allow anyone to perform these micro-tasks and earn just about anywhere in the world.

The blockchain can help implement the microtransactions simply around a human-centric user interface (vs. artificial intelligence) while increasing engagement and user experience for active participation.

This can help address the growing needs of a 4.68 billion person workforce without the ability to find sufficient employment (everywhere in the world).

Which is all conducted under a trustless Ethereum smart contract platform.

As they say on their website:

“Blockchain enables the efficient matching of Storm Players to Storm Makers to: perform micro-tasks in 5 minutes or less, from any mobile device, and people being rewarded for performing the task. The Storm contracts (smart contracts) enforce these terms for the length of the contract’s engagement. The automation of enforcing the terms of the engagement and payment to participants with little to no human intervention provides an efficient system where fees are reduced, and with faster turnaround times.”


The Features of STORM Token

Global And Easily Accessible

Because Storm is utilizing mobile applications, just like the inception of Bitcoin allowed anyone with a smartphone to keep money on their phone, Storm coin is aiming to do this by allowing anyone globally to perform micro-tasks...

And get paid out immediately, anywhere in the world.

Gamification Leading To Community Growth

By making the tasks gamified, like unlocking rewards and bonus coins, users are encouraged to spend more time performing the tasks.

And that is helping the community of freelancers and the app users grow.

As of writing this, Storm has over 1.4 million downloads and is growing by 250,000 users per month.

The Cheapest Micro-Tasks on the Market

Compared to competitors Storm service fees only cost 1% + Ethereum gas costs, while competitors can be up to 40%.

On top of that, Storm has an immediate withdrawal period, while competitors typically have a five day waiting period.

Different Player Types (For Different Rewards)

storm coin
Each of these leads to a different player type and matched gamification which leads to rewards and payouts.

A Macroeconomic Look At Storm Coin

Here’s the thing.

There are about 4 Billion people who are on the “workforce” or within the ages of working, and this is troubling to many people.

Add to that the fact, that getting a solid and easy job is hard for many people and we’ve got a problem.

Plus, A.I. is starting to take many of the menial tasks away from those who haven’t developed skills.

That’s where Storm market comes in.

Storm token’s, Bitcoin and Ethereum can be rewarded to anyone with a smartphone, and these micro-tasks are user-centric making them fun and engaging.

It essentially gamifies a method to make a small amount of money, for anyone.

On a mass scale, the Amazon Mechanical Turk takes up much of the microtask market, but with the Storm platform, it could be a contender for more niche and game-based tasks.

What We Think of Storm Token

Storm token has a solid foundation both with the team members and advisors.

Which is always a bonus.

On top of that, they, unlike many of the cryptocurrencies out there currently, already have a working product that has been downloaded by millions of people.

That means we can see how it operates, and it operates smoothly from our test.

STORM token, while we don’t own it, is one that we are looking at for the long-term, as cryptocurrency becomes more mass scale and people aim to increase their stash.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some STORM below!




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