What is Sirin Labs Token (SRN)?

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What Is Sirin Labs Token | A Quick Overview

Sirin Labs is a Cryptocurrency based ecosystem for smartphones, laptops, and other technological devices.

Their smartphone, the Finney/Solarin, utilizes cold storage and a network where SRN coins are the default method of payment and means of the transaction on the network.

The Roadmap of Sirin Labs

  • 2014 - SIRIN LABS established
  • 2015 - First SOLARIN prototype
  • 2016 - SOLARIN Launch event
  • In 2017 they launched their SRN token crowd sale
    • FINNEY™ phone concept study
    • SIRIN OS™ concept exploration
    • Crowdsale preparation & launch
  • Currently in 2018 through 2019 their plans follow two different developments
      • FINNEY™ devices development
      • SIRIN OS™ beta release to OEMs
      • Release SDK for D-Apps developers
      • Establishment of the production line
      • FINNEY™ Launch event
      • The launch of open source SIRIN OS™
      • Development of distribution channels

The SRN Coin Chairman and CEO

Moshe Hogeg - Linkedin - CEO

He’s also Founder of Alignment Blockchain Hub and Singulariteam LTD.

Kenges Rakishev - Linkedin - Chairman

As an investor with multiple business interests globally, I apply my experience, knowledge, and connections to maximize shareholder value and company performance. Currently, I serve as Chairman of the board of directors for several large-scale companies including SAT & Company (KASE: SATC), a diversified industrial holding; Kazakhstan Petrochemical Industries, the lead operator constructing the first integrated gas chemical complex in Kazakhstan; Vyborg Shipyard, one of the largest shipbuilding companies in Russia; and Net Element, a global publisher of online destinations and Internet business services (from Linkedin).

SRN Coin Media

Twitter - Linkedin - Reddit - Medium - Facebook - Website

Sirin Labs Coin White Paper

Sirin Labs Coin White Paper

Sirin Coin Supply

573,145,073 SRN

The Purpose of SRN Coin

Smartphones are the worst when it comes to security.

Besides most people not having a password on their device, they keep in autofill features, keep their apps running, and are logged into all of their important apps.

That means that anyone who clones your phone or even gets ahold of it has your information and you don’t know where they’ve sent your funds.

To add to that, cloning a phone number for further verification is a lot easier than you would think...

Now with cryptocurrency, added security is required and that’s why the Bitcoin address is a SHA256 hashing algorithm.

But, people still keep their phone logged into exchanges, use their phone number as 2-factor verification, and end up getting hacked.

Sirin Labs was created to combat the fraud and cybercrime.

Finney devices come preprogrammed with cyber-protected, blockchain enabled and even have cold storage built into the device.

From their site(1):

“FINNEY™ devices form an independent blockchain network, a distributed ledger both scalable and lightweight, powered by a fee-less DLC and SIRIN LABS’ security ecosystem. FINNEY™ is free from centralized backbones and mining centers, capable of providing fast, fee-less and secure transactions.

FINNEY™ devices will run on SIRIN LABS’ open-source operating system, SIRIN OS™. This is designed to support native Blockchain applications, such as a crypto wallet, secure exchange access, encrypted communications, and a P2P resource sharing ecosystem for payment and apps, supported by the SRN token.”


The Features of Sirin Labs Coin

Sirin Labs Ecosystem

Sirin labs Coin

This is the hardware “cold storage” technology that helps to secure transactions by proprietary technology.

Some of the built-in features include Trusted Display, IP Address Hiding, MAC Address Randomization, and physical security switch.

Cyber Protection

Utilizing a machine learning intrusion prevention system (IPS) paired with behavioral based learning, allowing for proactive cybersecurity.

Fee-Less Distributed Ledger Consensus and P2P Resource BUilding

Sirin labs is an independent blockchain network that is distributed, scalable, light-weight and ASIC-resistant ledger. SIRIN LABS will be partnering with one of the leading companies to develop a fee-less DLC.

This blockchain network allows fast, fee-less micro-payments for sharing on the SRN p2p resource.

Dapp Store

The community will have an open-decentralized app store which is based on a P2P resource-sharing system.

Costs are distributed between users and developers.

A Macroeconomic Look At Sirin Labs Coin

Here’s the thing...

Cell phones are just about everywhere now, and they don’t seem to be going away.

Well, not until we have embedded microchips or some other technological innovation. The problem is they are completely vulnerable, especially for Cryptocurrencies.

Thus, Sirin Labs can easily take over a market of phone users who want more protection.

On the grand scheme, they seem to be one of the first movers in this field.

What We Think of X Coin

We like Sirin labs coin.

While we don’t hold the token, we are looking into getting the coin and the phone itself.

As time goes on and both security and data protection becomes a bigger issue, people will want something they can trust.

And that will be a decentralized phone network like Sirin.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some SRN below!





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