What is Red Pulse (RPX Coin)?

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What is Red Pulse? A Quick Overview

Red Pulse is meant to be the sharing economy for research based out of China.

Essentially it is an intelligence and content ecosystem for China markets built on the NEO network, with a research content system, accuracy, and transparency, without creating information overload.

The History of RPX Coin

RPX coin was initially launched as an ICO on the 8th of October in 2017.

After China had banned ICOs, they had to postpone their ICO start date, limiting the enroll locations to outside of China, the U.S., and a few other territories.

Although, after they had that sorted out they became the first NEO Dapp to launch.

They have since been developing the product and are currently listed on Kucoin.

The RPX Founders:

Jonathan Ha - CEO - Linkedin
Stanley Chao - Head of Data Science - Linkedin
Peter Alexander - Non-Executive Chairman - Linkedin

The Full Team - Linkedin

The Red Pulse Token Supply

1,358,371,250 RPX

The Purpose of Red Pulse Coin

Red pulse was created to help sort, source, and implement a blockchain based application in China focusing on research, content and the validity of it.

When it comes to sourcing research or content, there is a lot wrong.

First off, China is one of the dominaiting forces when it comes to technology and the advances in it.

That means that they have an incredible amount of ever growing information, so much information, that many would say it's information overload.

This can lead to market information that no analyst can process, making an analysts job that much harder - an so on it goes.

Red Pulse coin was created to help enhance and create a well-functioning research content ecosystem with accuracy and transpearancy.

RPX coin is focused on China’s capital markets, although, they may expand.

Their idea is to create a direct-incentivization ecosystem faciliated by the RPX token and ultimately create a global community of collegaues.


The Features of RPX Coin

Frictional Costs

This leads to the ease of managing frictional costs from transaction fees across intermediaries.

Normally the cost of incurring capital can elicit a relatively high transactional cost because banks and other financial intermediaries have to address coutnerparty risk, settlement, and clearing costs.

Cold Start Problem

By making this into a cryptocurrency that retains value, it is an easy way to eliminate the “cold” start problem.

The “cold” start problem is the ability to convince enough independent anaylsts and commentors to contribute to the platform, while also convincing the research consumers to use Red Pulse as well.

Namely, it gives the ability to incentivize both research analysts and consumers to participate.

And this can help bring RPX to critical mass which will likely organically bring in new research consumers and analysts.

System of Records

Utilzing the NEO blockchain, RPX coin will create a system of records that are publicly verifiable.

This not only gives complete transpearancy and accuracy, but rewards those with compensation for their content.

And for those research consumers, it will ensure that their funds have gone towards the research selected and not some other use.

Properties of the RPX Coin Itself

Payment Scaling Issues

RPX tokens can be held on the Red Pulse platform as a running tab.

This helps those using it to avoid excess transaction fees from frequency micropayments.

Managing the Monetary Supply

Red Pulse manages the supply of the RPX coins.

Leading to the fair and complete compensation of those who provide quality research content.

What Do We Think of Red Pulse?

Red Pulse was the first DApp to be launched using the NEO blockchain.

For that, we admire and do hold Red Pulse (which we bought through Kucoin.)

Now, on top of that, research is a tricky industry (especially capital research) to both signify the validity/accuracy and sort through.

That’s why Red Pulse was created and may prove to be a reckoning force in China’s research developments.

We will be watching red pulse and their team in the long-term to see how it plays out.


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