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What is Rchain? A Quick Overview

Rchain is a blockchain decentralized application (Dapp) platform aiming at achieving the scalability of Facebook and transaction speeds of Visa.

They are a smart, versatile blockchain that scales with use by using a programming language called Rholang; utilizing the Rho-Virtual machine.

The History of RHOC Coin

RHOC coin started mid-2016.

On their site they state:

"To become a blockchain solution with industrial-scale utility, RChain must provide content delivery at the scale of Facebook and support transactions at the speed of Visa.

After due diligence on the current state of many blockchain projects, after deep collaboration with Ethereum developers, and after understanding their respective roadmaps, we concluded that the current and near-term Blockchain architectures could not meet these requirements.

In mid-2016, we resolved to build a better blockchain architecture."

Since their creation of Rchain, they have been building out team structures and working on the product.

Their timeline can be found here: Rchain Flight To Mercury

Be forewarned, it is filled with technical jargon, which if unfamiliar, will be hard to get through the timeline.

The Rchain Team (1)

Greg Meredith - President - Linkedin

Greg is tasked with executing the directives of the co-op board, as well as giving high-level leadership to the cooperative and the RChain platform development.

Lisa Rice - Treasurer and CFO - Linkedin

Her experience includes a broad range of businesses and industries from both public and private equity held companies. Lisa holds an MBA in Finance from the University of California, Los Angeles and a BBA in Accounting from the University of Michigan. She’s a licensed CPA in the state of Washington.

Kenny Rowe - COO - Linkedin

Tasked with improving the logistics of the co-op interworkings such as the onboarding of new members and developers.

Patrick Maguire - Community Lead - Linkedin

As the Community lead, Patrick is tasked with creating, connecting and analyzing various community building projects for the RChain Co-op membership by bridging Core development/marketing work with member activism generated from autonomous community initiatives.

To see the full team head to their LinkedIn here: Rchain Team

The Purpose of Rchain Coin

Rchain was created to address the problem of scalability on a global level.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum there is an ongoing struggle to be able to handle the number of people that Facebook holds or transactions that Visa processes every single day.

That’s where Rchain hopes to shine...

A way to bring a quicker, scalable blockchain to the world.

Utilizing a different coding language called Rholang, they aim to be able to scale quickly with a good foundation.


The Features of Rchain Token

A Scalable Smart Contract Language - Rholang

These are internally concurrent contracts utilizing a message passing paradigm to optimize smart contracts.

These smart contracts contain a few properties:

  • Meta-programming
  • Reactive Data Streams
  • Pattern Matching

Each of these smart contracts is completely verifiable making them scalable.

RHO-Virtual Machine

RHO-VM is what powers the RHOC coin blockchain.

It is a turing-complete, Byzantine Fault-tolerance, and replicated.


There is the autonomy of smart contracts on the RHO-VM which ensures an independent blockchain and networks are only used when necessary.

Meaning that there is default sharding in RHOC coin.


With growth, nodes initialize new instances of RHO-VM to manage the load.

Allowing for linear scaling with complete consistency across all boards.


Being multi-threaded, multiple high-performance instances can exist on a single node.

Making Dapps available for scale on the modern market.

Delegated Proof-of-Stake

Unlike Ethereum which uses regular proof-of-stake, RHOC used DPoS.

What that means is that a group of delegates is voted for and then help to vote on the changes that will occur on the blockchain.

This is a popular new PoS model amongst emerging platforms for building Dapps.

What We Think of RChain

Rchain is another platform for the development of Dapps.

Having already created sharding and utilizing the help of Valid Zamfir (of Ethereum) is a great first step.

Otherwise, we are currently not holders of this project but will be watching its development.

It still is in the early stages of build, so in time we will see how it plays out.

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