What is PO.ET (POE Coin)?

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What Is POE Coin? A Quick Overview

POE coin is a shared universal ledger used to track creative assets, their ownership, and the attribution of them.

Essentially, PO.ET is aiming to help reclaim the value for content creators, publishers, and consumers.

The History of PO.ET

PO.ET started by partnering with The Merkle, Crypto Insider, Coin Speaker, and Chain B.

Then on July 26th, they launched the introduction to their native token POE coin.

They have since been developing partnerships and building out their nodes to handle more volume.

Here is the roadmap leading to their development:

  • In 2013 a concept called Proof-of-Existence launched
    • This allowed users to upload and hash documents onto the blockchain.
  • Then the Bitcoin Magazine team aimed to expand this into the media industry, which proved to be a difficult feat.
  • From October 2016 to January 2017 the use cases of PO.ET were tested to help get rid of the problems that were apparent in the industry.
  • Then the PO.ET foundation was established for long-term platform development.

This lead to the basic development of PO.ET.

Although, they have two more steps in their roadmap that are coming shortly:

  • The Rosetta Era
    • Designed to attract digital publishers
  • The Guttenburg Era
    • Focused on connecting content creators with publishers and editors

The PO.ET Team:

This team is made up of a core 9 people...

  • Lautaro Dragan - Technical Lead - Linkedin
  • Patricio Mosse - Full Stack Developer - Linkedin
  • Pat Riley - Head of Product - Linkedin
  • Max Bronstein - Media and Strategy Lead - Linkedin
  • Jeremy Kandah - Chief Coin Officer - Linkedin
  • Elliot Feeny - Community Relations - Linkedin
  • Álvaro Crespo - Mobile Developer
  • Justin Litchfield - Product Development - Linkedin
  • Chris Zhou - Asia Pacific strategy

For a full list of the PO.ET foundation LinkedIn employees check this - Linkedin

POE Cryptocurrency Token Model

Total Tokens - 3,141,592,653

Community Token Sale - 50%
Founding Team - 8%
Angel Investors - 10%
Integration Partners - 10%
Foundation - 22%

The Purpose of PO.ET and PO.ET Coin

PO.ET was developed to address a rising need in the content creation industry.

A safeguard and measurable way to honestly see ownership and attribution of content, allowing creators to receive the rewards that are dutifully theirs.

See, while plagiarism in college and scientific establishments can get you barred for life, on the internet anything goes.

With website stealing content without attribution, blogs being cloned, and much more, there is a problem.

And with the ability to monetize content, it is only rising.

That’s where POE coin comes in.

By allowing people to stamp, label, and submit their content to an immutable ledger on the blockchain, it is easy to see who published and owned the content on the interwebs.

This is a play at revolutionizing media around the internet.

Instead of stealing stories and hiding behind the fake news, we will be able to see who posts it, when they post it, and the original attribution of the article.

Goodbye, fake news and profiting off of stealing.


The Features of PO.ET

Own Your Content

With POE coin you can generate an immutable and timestamped title for creative works - giving you control over your content.

Then you can register your assets on the PO.ET network.

Since PO.ET is decentralized; the metadata is always safe and verifiable.

Create and Issue License

Utilizing cryptography, publishers and content creators can issue licenses that they create.

This means no third-parties, but instead, a smart contract to govern its sanctity.

Or, you can choose from a pre-existing license helping to automate payment, transfer, and issuance of the license.

An Open Network

POE coin’s network is meant to be open, instead of controlled by third-parties.

This helps to build a direct connection between publishers and creators.

With their search features, anyone can discover new content, verify authenticity, and authorize payment on a fully transparent attribution system.

The Three Areas That POET Will Improve


Publishers will be able to generate an immutable ownership certificate, while also improving the discoverability of their assets on the network.

They can then interact effortlessly with freelance content creators, reducing friction in the publishing process.

Content Creators

By assigning licenses to original works, content creators create a database of content.

These can be published or not published, and they will automatically license and allow for curation of the content.

Discover metadata and originating information about digital assets and ensure authorized use and proper attribution.(1)


Anyone can make their content discoverable on PO.ET network, with transparent licensing.

With the blockchain holding their content, you can update basic drafts and slowly update the metadata over time.

What We Think of POE Coin

PO.ET is aiming to achieve something that is admirable.

We love the intention of helping content creators truly make their content theirs, and allow for the ease of discovery and sourcing.

By pairing metadata submission with the blockchain, this will help content producers around the world.

It is something that we will use once the final product comes out to back up original works.

Currently, we do hold POE coin and will be watching it in the future.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some POE below!




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