What is Particl Coin (PART)?

particl coin

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What is Particl | A Quick Overview

Particl is an open-source and decentralized privacy platform ready to work with any cryptocurrency without holding and storing the data of its users.

Using Particl coin any company can build a decentralized application (Dapp) on their highly secure and scalable environment integrated into the Particl desktop.

The Roadmap of PART Coin

particl coin roadmap

The Particl Foundation, Team and Advisors (1)

Particl Foundation

The Particl Foundation (Particl Stiftung) is a non-profit Swiss foundation registered in Zug on July 2017 with the help of Swiss law firm MME enabling the organization and deployment of funding and logistics to ensure the safe development of the Particl project and vision.

Particl Stiftung’s foundation status provides legal protection and resources to the Particl project ensuring its sustainability and compliance with current and new regulations (Particl.com).

Ryno Mathee - Linkedin - Founder

I'm very passionate about programming, research and development, and standardization. I love the open source scene and how it's growing. Every day we should learn something new, and I believe working for yourself is the best way to constantly be learning (Linkedin).

The Particl Advisors

The project can also count on the help of 7 advisors including some renowned names such as Charlie Shrem, Miguel Cuneta, John Bailon and Micah Spruill

Particl Coin Media

Twitter - Linkedin - Github - Medium  - Reddit - Website

The Particl White Paper

Read their white paper here

Total PART Coin Supply

8,865,706 PARTs

The Purpose of Particl

Particl was created to help bridge the gap between Dapp creation and privacy.

With Ethereum, you know who created the Dapp and how it was built, the transactions being processed, etc.

While this is great for many companies not looking for any privacy whatsoever, it can be hard for a company looking to keep its user's data secure right off the bat.

That’s where Particl steps in.

Allowing for the use of atomic swaps and a few different types of privacy based transactions particl can help Dapp creators scale and build a privacy-based application without frustration.

Their vision is to foster a new decentralized, private, and trustless economy supported by its platform and native currency PART.


The Features of Particl Cryptocurrency

Atomic Swaps

We’ve talked about atomic swaps before with Decred and a few other private autonomous cryptocurrencies.

Particl can accept almost any currency utilizing atomic swaps and third-party integrations. The way this works is that all incoming transactions get converted to PART coin which then can be utilized on the platform.

The Bitcoin Codebase

Particl starts with a solid foundation by staying up to date with the latest Bitcoin codebase. This also means that developers can easily fork any product or update from the bitcoin codebase and implement it within PART coins ecosystem.

Cold Staking

Users can securely delegate staking power to staking nodes that don’t hold any coins. This creates a dedicated resource for the PART coin blockchain without giving that node access to spend the coins, but stake on its behalf.

Private Dapps

Particl is a platform for building and running secure, private, and decentralized applications.

Thus one of its premium features is the ability for companies to come in easily create a Dapp on the particl ecosystem.

Confidential Transactions

PART coins have three different privacy settings:

  • Public
  • Blind
  • Anonymous

Users have full control of their linkability and complete privacy of what they would like to do with their transactions.

Thus each of these options provides a different degree of privacy and cost.

PART coin is the first coin to use the Bitcoin codebase and implement these features.

A Decentralized Marketplace

This market is a highly scalable and privacy-focused market.

As such it contains a few unique features to help it achieve both privacy and scalability:

  • Decentralized Escrow
  • Privacy
  • Community Governance
  • Private Listings
  • Anti-spam Listing Fee
  • Marketplace Data Storage

What Is PART Coins Used For?

PART coins are used by the system for a few different items.

Namely, they provide atomic swaps and quick transfers across the various Dapps and services that Particl runs.

They can be staked for minimum yearly staking of 5% returns, and they help to run decentralized applications on the particl blockchain.

Now where PART coins shine is the features implemented into a core Bitcoin codebase:

A Macroeconomic Look At Particl Coin

On a macroeconomic level, Particl can be hard to judge.

In reality, the theory and creation of working Dapps is still such a new concept to this world, which we don’t know how big the marketplace could be.

Ethereum and EOS are two great examples of this new industry and the scaling that can come about from it.

Could Particl get to levels close to Ethereum? We can’t say as it suits a bit of different specialization, but it is certainly a viable option.

On the grand scheme of things whether it's ten years or 3, there will be Dapps running for most of the IoT and anything that can help get it up and stay competitive will likely have a piece of the pie.

What We Think of PART Coin

While we were previously unaware of PART coin, it seems to be a top shiner both in features and purpose.

To help create an outlet for the development and design of Dapps that are secure and private is admirable, and then to stack their coin with a host of features adds a cherry on top.

We like Particl and the mission they are embarking on, but currently, do not hold any of this coin.

In the future, we will be pursuing opportunities to get this coin as we watch their roadmap play out.

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