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What Are Kucoin Shares | A Brief Overview

Kucoin shares are the native Cryptocurrency of the Kucoin Exchange Platform.

These help with transaction fees and reward Kucoin users for holding Kucoin in their KCS wallet on their platform. If you'd like to learn more about the platform, make sure to check out our Kucoin Cryptocurrency Exchange Review article here.

The History of KCS Coin

In 2011 many members of the founding team begun research and experimentation in the blockchain.

Two years later, in 2013, much of the technicals were established for the exchange, granted the build and infrastructure would take a few more years.

In may of 2017, the research and development team was deployed.

While in August they received an angel investment before releasing the first version of the platform shortly after.

When the platform was launched, it was launched with KCS coin as the featured coin.


Kucoin is formed from a few different organizations:

  • GF Securities
  • Ant Financial
  • Youling
  • Jianbang Communication
  • iBOX PAY

The Purpose of Kucoin Coin

Kucoin coin was created for one reason.

To help increase engagement and value of the Kucoin Exchange platform, keeping users on the platform and their funds there as well.

While this seems out of practice, Binance does a similar sort of methodology with its BNB coin.

This makes it easy for Kucoin to grow, users to see the growth, and the Kucoin team to have to fund the growth of the platform.


The Features of Kucoin Shares

A Unique Trading Pair

On Kucoin there are more than just ETH and BTC trading pairs.

They have BCH, NEO and also KCS.

This unique KCS trading pair allows users to use their Kucoin shares for trading directly on the platform instead of needing to convert it to something else and then buy their desired currency.

Rewards For Holding

On Kucoin you can earn rewards for a few different actions:

  • Inviting friends who make trades
    • Their friends who they invite
  • Holding Kucoin Shares on the platform.

Everyday Kucoin takes the total amount of transaction fees accumulated from trading, withdrawals, and deposits and divides them up among those holding Kucoin Shares.

They give 50% back to the Kucoin Shares holders allowing anyone to get a piece of the action.

Which is a huge incentive to hold a lot of Kucoin Shares on their platform.

What We Think of KCS Coins

We currently do hold KCS and will continue too.

In our review of the Kucoin platform we talked about the benefits of having NEO trading pairs and NEP-5 tokens, and holding KCS is a bonus.

We will continue to use Kucoin and hold Kucoin Shares time goes on.

Join Kucoin Here and Get Started With KCS Today


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