What is Funfair Coin (FUN)?

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What is Funfair | A Quick Overview

Funfair is a blockchain based cryptocurrency company harnessing the power of blockchain for the online gambling industry.

Utilizing the ethereum blockchain they have created a decentralized casino that is fairer than regular casinos with the power of the blockchain and executable smart contracts.

The Roadmap of Funfair Coin

Q3 2016 - Development of Slot Prototype Began
Q1 2017 - V0.1

  • Slot using blockchain & smart contract
  • Multi-spin & Free Spin features

February 2017 - Slot V.01 demo’d at EdCon 2017
April 2017 - Jez San announces project on Medium
Q2 2017 - V0.2 and Game Release

  • Provably fair slot using Fate Channels V1
  • Off-chain RNG
  • Blackjack and Baccarat MVP Q2

June 2017 - Platform Showcase Release
June 22nd 2017 - Token Sale

Q3 2017

  • Fate Channels V2
  • Fate Channels V3
  • Multi-state games
  • Game release
    • Roulette MVP

Q4 2017

  • Alpha Release
  • Peer to peer platform testing of Alpha
  • Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette production ready
  • Game Release
    • Craps and Video Poker MVP

November 2017 - Platform Demo at Devcon 3
Q1 2018

  • Beta Release
  • Official Public Release
  • Game Release
    • Progressive Slot MVP

The FunFair Coin Founders

Jez San Obe - Linkedin - Founder and CEO

Founder of ARC, Argonaut, PKR, Origin8, Ninja Theory, and now Funfair Technologies. Specialties: technology, ethereum, smart contracts, bitcoin, security, gaming, computer games, poker, magic. I Am an angel investor in crypto & tech startups (from Linkedin).

Jeremy Longley - Linkedin - Founder and CTO

With over 15 years’ experience managing technology teams, I am a highly experienced, versatile, passionate, analytical technology leader. I have a very broad range of experience from the development of advanced video-game software through to the deployment and operation of enterprise-scale infrastructure, and have particular experience with creating and leading disparate teams, facilitating their interaction, and aligning technology to business needs (from linkedin).

Oliver Hopton - Linkedin - Founder and Developer

FUN Coin Media

Twitter - Linkedin - Facebook - Reddit - Website

FUN Coin White Paper

Read here

Coin Supply

10,999,873,621 FUN

The Purpose of FUN Coin

The casino and gambling industry is filled with fraud and deciet.

Go to a casino and you can almost feel that something isn’t right, and the so called “laws” that are put in place help the casino, not the gambler.

Online gambling is even worse.

How would you actually know if anything is operating in an honest fashion? We’ve seen most online poker websites shut down and all funds confiscated, and it seems to continue to happen.

Not only do they not have a public log, but these companies spend a lot of money to promote them, and boast huge revenue models.

Which is unsettling.

Especially to your average online gambler.

That’s where Funfair steps in.

FUN coin was designed with complete and open transparency.

Harnessing the power of the blockchain through their various online games, and showing the transparency from smart contracts on the Ethereum network, FUN coin is helping to create honest gaming.

This is a revolution for the online casino and gambling industry.

Where transparency is up front, and decentralization helps to keep it that way.


The Features of FunFair Coin

Fair and Decentralized

Because this is a blockchain company utilizing smart contracts, unlike most gambling, Funfair is fair.

And they allow others to host their software as a way to create a decentralized model of gambling on the ethereum network.

A Secure Turnkey Solution

By decentralizing their platform, they help to mitigate the risk of attacks or hacking.

While their coding is turnkey, meaning that in seconds anyone can create a casino and start accepting players/processing payments immediately.

The Technological Layers of Funfair

Funfair utilizes three different layers to run the platform.

1. Operators - Branding & Marketing

This is the place where pre-existing or brand new casinos can take the software of Funfair and implement it immediately to their platform.

2. Funfair - Fate Channels & Game Tech

"Our high-quality games are played for real money in real time at almost zero blockchain cost thanks to our unique blockchain scaling solution. Read more about Fate Channels in our White Paper. "(2)

3. Ethereum - Blockchain & Smart Contracts

Using the Ethereum blockchain and being an ERC20 token, FUN coins execute immediately and are programmed without any chance of fraud, censorship, or third-party interference.

What Is The FUN Coin Used For?

  • FUN coins are used for many different actions such as:
  • Player Wages
  • Operator License Fees
  • Developer Rewards
  • And all other aspects of the platform

A Macroeconomic Look At FUN Coin

The gambling industry is one of the biggest industries besides alcohol, tobacco, and others like it.

But there is so much greed and malicious intent that it has a bad name.

Utilizing a platform like FunFair could change all of that simply by being able to provide customers with an honest and clean user experience, that they have trust in.

That’s what is missing.

And bringing it to the blockchain for anyone to use in the world is a massive industry ripe for the taking.

In the long run, FunFair may prove to be one of the top platforms used for online gambling.

What We Think of Funfair Coin

This is a great concept.

The fact that it is replaceable and can be layered onto pre-existing online gambling sites is a great feature.

While we don’t hold FUN coins, we are looking at the potential for its growth shortly.

As people continue to flock to online experiences and cryptocurrency becomes more legimitized we may see platforms like FunFair pick up.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some FUN below!





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