What is Dragonchain (DRGN Coin)?

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What Is Dragonchain | A Quick Overview

Dragonchain is a secure, flexible, business ready blockchain platform and ecosystem.

Essentially, DRGN coin is a platform for development, an incubator for exciting projects, and a marketplace for smart contracts, qualified vendors, specialized experts, and incubated projects.

The History of Dragon Chain

In 2014 a Seattle based group inside of Disney started to research and develop a platform.

2015-2016 the development of Disney private blockchain platform later released, completely open-source.

In October of 2017, DRGN coin had its ICO. In November the tokens were distributed, and they then proceeded to start launching incubator ICO projects.

They are currently building out their incubation and platform as time continues.

The Founders and Advisor Highlights

Joe Roberts - Linkedin - CEO

He has created and led multiple technology start-ups since the mid-1990s. Some of the companies he has worked with since 2010 are Coinbase, Overstock, and the Walt Disney Company.

Eileen Quenin - Linkedin - VP Strategic Partnerships

A tech evangelist from Disney with seven years of experience. She also has experience with Amazon payments, GE Healthcare, and LexisNexis.

Maria Smith - Linkedin - Advisor - VP Payments Starbucks

Ed Fries - Linkedin - Co-founder of Xbox

Token Distribution Model

Category Percentage Dragons
Public 55% 238,421,940
Team 20% 86,698,887
Foundation 10% 43,349,444
Dragonchain Reserves 10% 43,349,444
Dragon Fund (Incubator) 5% 21,674,722

There is a total supply of 433,494,437 tokens.

The DRGN Tokens are ERC-20 Ethereum Based tokens for the ICO launch.


The Purpose of Dragonchain Coin

Dragonchain coin was created with three different areas in mind.

A Platform

Using a scalable serverless platform, Dragonchain allows for the creation with programming languages such as Java, Python, Node, and C#.

An Incubator

Dragonchain will serve as an incubator for businesses and Dapps.

This allows investors to have early access to exciting projects that run through subject matter experts and blockchain enthusiast.

A Marketplace

Inside of the DRGN platform, there will be a marketplace.

It will help businesses leverage pre-built smart contract libraries, qualified vendors, specialized experts, and incubated projects.

These means that it is supposed to not only be a means to creating new Dapps and platforms but a place for them to get help with resources critical to business success.

A Public/Private Hybrid Blockchain

While most blockchains are either public (being a true blockchain) a few of them are private (like Ripple).

Now, on the other hand, Dragonchain is a public/private blockchain.

It was originally crafted as an idea by a group inside the Seattle Disney Office but was later released as open-source under the Dragonchain Foundation.

The Dragonchain Foundation is a non-profit that manages the upkeep of DRGN.

DRGN coin runs a hybrid blockchain that gives insides access to resources but lets them connect through the Ethereum Blockchain.

What We Think of Dragonchain Coin

We at GCA are holders and supporters of Dragonchain.

While there are many tokens, both securities, and utility, we like the platforms meant to build Dapps.

Not only do they have a major opportunity to grow, but they can create some amazing products and fund great ideas.

This is why the Dapp platforms like Ethereum, NEO, Cardano and now Dragonchain are going to maturate over time.

We will continue to monitor DRGN and the ICOs that come out of it as they are released.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some DRGN below!




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