What is Cindicator (CND Coin)?

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What is Cindicator | A Quick Overview

Cindicator is an A.I. based hybrid intelligence. It's decentralized and utilized for financial analysis/active asset management.

Using predictive analysis by the cindicator bot, cindicator helps traders assess the market.

The History of CND Coin

CND started with a token sale launching on September 12th, 2017 and ending on the 12th of October 2017.

Before that, they started posting on medium July 19, 2016. They were blogging based on A.I. replacing financial analysts.

Since then this intelligence mechanism has been refining itself with predictive analysis of the markets.

The Cindicator Co-Founders:

Mike Brusov - Linkedin - CEO and Co-founder

Black swan ideologist, super forecaster, and Cindicator’s triathlon team captain.

Yuri Lobyntsev - Linkedin - CTO and Co-Founder

Involved in deep psychology, human and machine consciousness, complex systems interaction, neuro-communications, and explorations beyond reasonable limits.

Artem Baranov - Linkedin - COO and Co-founder

Founder of IT companies in development outsourcing, medicine, and financial analytics.

The Cindiciator Team - Github

The Purpose of Cindicator Coin

Cindicator was developed to create a platform where financial analysis could be paired with artificial intelligence and help benefit investors.

With the erratic behavior of so many markets, and investors going on the whims of what is happening, following the trends of a bot can help the novice become the master.

Thus, holders of large quantities of CND coin can utilize the different bots that cindicator provides.

On their website, it says (1) “to make the right decisions in markets with high degrees of uncertainty.”


The Features of CND Cryptocurrency

Collective Intelligence Platform

By answering questions every day and making forecasts on many different financial institutions, the intelligence platform will generate an alpha bot.

What this means is that while you invest intellect, the platform will invest money.

Then traders and investment funds will use the average of all of the answers provided by the forecasters and enhanced by machine learning and the A.I.

At the end of the period of trading, the rewards are split.

Based on the accuracy of the forecasts and results of the trading bot, the higher the reward someone will receive.

An Ecosystem

Per their website:

“Cindicator utility tokens (CND) are the basis for a fairer system of economic redistribution, the democratisation of access to high accuracy predictive analytics and the creation of a system of governance whereby all of an ecosystem’s participants take part in the strategic decision-making process.”

With the power of both man and machine, the cindicator team and CND holders make smarter decisions.

Thousands of financial analysts, artificial intelligence, and machine learning create value for the community.

This comes based out of the incentives produced from the collective intelligence platform.

For a full look at the ecosystem refer to the picture below:

cinidcator ecosystem

Cindicator Bot

With the diverse group of analysts answering questions around crypto and traditional markets, these bots start to accumulate data.

Then these predictions get formatted into indicators.

Measuring more than 500,000 different predictions, the machine-learning is constantly adjusting to find the correct answers.

How Investors Can Get Access

cindicator bot levels
Three different levels get investor access to cindicator.

Beginner - 5,000 CND Tokens
Trader - 200,000 CND Tokens
Expert - 700,000 CND Tokens

Cryptometer Bot 2.0

The crypto meter is a bot for people market measurement.

Using the price of multiple exchanges, the bot can help to detect volatility and price changes giving early indicators and real-time price movements.

Here are a few of perks:

  • Notification of arbitrage opportunities using ten different exchanges.
  • Tracking of price drops and surges for a specified threshold.
  • Display of prices and pairings for all exchanges for various coins.

To get the crypto meter bot, you need to hold 1,000,000 CND tokens.

What Does GCA Think of Cindicator

Cindicator is a unique take on a bot for automated trading predictions.

It is a coin that has a strong community and requires the tying up of many CND tokens to reap the benefits.

We currently do not hold any CND coins but will be watching them in the future.

For larger investors, it may be a great play for using machine learning in your investment strategy.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some CND below!





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