What is 0x (ZRX Coin) | A Decentralized ERC20 Exchange Protocol


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What is 0x | A Quick Overview

0x is an open, permissionless protocol allowing for the exchange of ERC20 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain on a decentralized exchange.

By using a model of decentralization, 0x is one of the leaders in creating an exchange that doesn’t need permission.

History of ZRX Coin

ZRX coin started with the launch of a token sale that took place on August 15th and 16th.

After bringing in over $24 million worth of Ether, the company sparked the attention of Polychain capital, Blockchain capital and Pantera capital.

They have since been building their protocol to launch and have it working on the release of the 0x Protocol V2.

The 0x Coin Founders:

Will Warren - Linkedin - CEO

After going to school for applied physics and mechanical engineering, he dropped out to do 0x with smart contract R&D

Amir Bandeali - Linkedin - CTO

Does Smart Contract R&D while previously being a trader and going to school for finance.


What is The Purpose of 0x Protocol

There’s a problem in the Cryptocurrency realm.


And that's a fact.

The market was created to help get rid of the looming centralization of our money system, politics, industries, and so much more that dictate our world.

Getting rid of this, in exchanges, is what ZRX is aiming to do.

By creating a protocol exchange without permissions and completely decentralized 0x aims to do this.

They are finally helping to create a decentralized exchange platform (which is desperately needed).

Granted it is for only ERC-20 tokens on the Ethereum network; it is the first step to something better than Coinbase and Binance.

This is a trustless, permissionless, decentralized exchange protocol.

The Features of ZRX Coin

Off-Chain Order Relay With On-chain Settlement

When making an order on the 0x protocol, they are moved off-chain at first. This both helps the Ethereum marketplace not be saturated with orders on-chain, but also reduce the cost of gas that people would typically be paying.

Anyone can build something called a relayer which sends the order on-chain for settlement.

These not only help broadcast order, facilitating the trade but collect a fee each time.

Shared Liquidity

Since relayers share a standard API, they can quickly aggregate liquidity pools. This allows for a compounding effect as relayers come online and subsequently, a more liquid network altogether.

Open Source and Trustless

Being built on the Ethereum protocol, there is no centralization.

Everything is executed immediately upon the sourcing of it, and there isn’t any downtime as the protocol always runs.

ZRX is also open-source where anyone can use it at any time.

No permissions and no cost.

A Platform For Dapp Creation

Similar to many of the popular and highest grossing coins, the 0x coin can be a protocol for Dapp creation.

Any Dapp using an exchange feature needs a protocol.

And 0x was created to be used by Dapps for this exact feature in many different ways:

  • Decentralized Governance
    • Use tokens to represent ownership and guide governance logic.
  • Stable Tokens
    • 0x can help to facilitate economic factors like liquidity and efficiency for a stable token.
  • Fund Management
    • By putting the 0x protocol into a fund management smart contract, then the execution is complete and guaranteed.
  • Prediction Markets
    • 0x allows predictive market tokens to be instantly traded making the market flow correctly
  • Decentralized Loans
    • 0x allows lenders to self-organize and determine market prices for all outstanding loans.

On top of that, the protocol is currently being battle tested.

Right now the 0x protocol and ZRX coin are being used by:

  • Aragon
  • Ethfinex
  • Augur
  • Status
  • Distric0x
  • Blocknet
  • And more…

There is a lot of possibility and room to grow for the 0x protocol in many different areas and cryptocurrencies using the ERC-20 platform.

The 0x Coin Supply

As of writing this currently, about 500,000,000 ZRX coins are circulating. Where there will be a total supply of 1,000,000,000 which is higher than many circulating supplies, but not too high.

What We Think of 0x Protocol

ZRX is something that we at GCA like a lot.

2018 is going to be the year of decentralization as we continue to see the market and cryptocurrency get bogged down by centralization.

Most people have to go through Gemini or Coinbase to get into cryptocurrency.

And they are completely centralized.

But with 0x protocol creating a decentralized exchange, and then being implemented into other ethereum based smart contracts, we can decentralize a lot of the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

We will be watching ZRX evolve in the future and currently do hold it.

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