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TenX is a cryptocurrency company aimed at solving the problem of spending cryptocurrency in the day-to-day use case.

The goal is to create a decentralized credit/debit card that allows you to upload your cryptocurrency like Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and ERC20 tokens to be converted and spent in real time.


TenX started its tokensale on June 24th of 2017 when it launched its coin PAY.

It was founded by Julian Hosp, Toby Hoenisch, Michael Sperk, and Paul Kitti who were on a mission to allow cryptocurrencies to be used and spent in real life instead of needing to go through the hassle of converting to the desired currency before spending.

They were also a starter at Paypal Incubation - learning from one of the biggest credit card processors on how to do it, before venturing into the blockchain space.

As of today TenX Pay, since its release has seen pricing from $.50 to $6.00 per coin, and has stabilized around $2.00 (as of November 2017).

They currently have a working product out with 0% spending and exchange fees, accepting Dash, Bitcoin, Ethereum and the ERC20 tokens.


TenX is aiming to fill the void when it comes to spending and using cryptocurrency in the modern world.

Currency is best if it’s actually able to be used, which is why often times we see people hold gold and never do anything with it.

With TenX, the process should be simple:

  • Get your card
  • Add your coins
  • Spend them at your convenience

Most people will not use Bitcoin for day to day transactions like buying a cup of coffee unless it is in a quick and easy form that doesn’t take days to clear, I.e. the Tenx Pay card.

By combatting fees of processors like Visa and Mastercard, TenX can create a safe way to spend cryptocurrency without suffering from exchange rates and hefty fees that credit card vendors do.

Now one of the perks of holding the TenX PAY token is that users get rewarded in Ethereum over time.

How the payout works is:

Worldwide TenX transactions * .005/200,000,000 * number of tokens held

This becomes the monthly dividends that holders will profit from. Although, at those numbers, it takes either a huge amount of transactions or a lot of tokens held in order to truly make a big investment back.



1. Convert and Spend Cryptocurrency In Real Life:

As mentioned above, TenX allows users to upload cryptocurrency to their wallet in the application form (on Android and IOS) which then can be converted instantaneously and spent on transactions in the real world.

Finally making it easy for cryptocurrency users and holders to use their currency.

2. Multi-Blockchain Asset Support:

TenX supports cryptocurrency from many different blockchains from Dash to ERC20 tokens and much more coming.

COMIT (Cryptographically-secure Off-chain Multi-asset Instant Transaction) is a protocol where every blockchain is connected. Which allows TenX to offer an interchain of blockchain assets.

This is an off-chain transaction protocol allowing the blockchain to scale even more.

It also allows anyone to use the card effortlessly with a wide array of cryptocurrencies.

3. Decentralized Security Smart Contracts [DSS]:

With all credit cards, there is a key called the DSS which helps to provide security for the user and make sure that they are actually using the correct card.

It is a document which describes the signing procedure and specifies certain standards. And often times they are interchanged with DSA keys that are a cryptographic algorithm that generates keys, signs data, and verifies signatures (1).

With TenX PAY card, you hold your own DSS key making you completely in control of your funds, instead of a processor like American Express or Visa.

Then on top of it, you have the ability to fine-tune your security limits by updating spending limits, daily limits, withdrawal settings that all go into your smart contract.

By using the TenX card you get a better ability to control the security over your credit card on the blockchain.

4. A Payment Platform For Blockchain Assets:

The TenX platform allows developers and businesses connect their users and use-cases to real-world payments while developing security with smart contracts modules.

This paves the way for an easier transfer from Fiat currency to cryptocurrency and vice-versa -  making the exchange process easier for everyone.


TenX is a great concept for helping bring cryptocurrency into the mainstream and allowing it to be used as currency.

We are currently holders of TenX and will hold it for a long time.

While this company is one of the first to do it, there will be many others as the competition and money that flows through transaction and credit cards is incredibly high, making it low hanging fruit for blockchain developers.

Long-term if TenX can provide a working and easy to use a product that can be used in all countries (as it is currently not in use for the United States) then we could see it becoming the leader in this field.

Until then we are sitting and waiting, watching to see if TenX delivers or becomes obsolete by another company of similar like.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some TenX below!





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