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What is Substratum | A Basic Overview

Substratum is a blockchain based company aimed at helping to decentralize the internet as we know it.

This open-source network allows anyone to allocate spare computing resources to the network.

Which helps anyone access the internet around the world, utilizing the power of a decentralized network.

Whether in China or suffering from net neutrality being repealed, Substratum Network is there to help.

History of Substratum Coin

SUB coin started on August 14th, 2017 with an ICO.

After raising more than expected, post an extended ICO, they began to get to work.

Since the initial ICO SUB has conducted multiple token burns, a site redesign, and two alpha tests.

Now they are currently starting their beta test in order to finalize the developments of the network.

The Substratum Team

Unlike many Cryptocurrency companies, SUB, and their team are very active in the community.

They actively post blogs frequently here: https://substratum.net/blog/

And Youtube videos here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxUJoTH0XLERKl55zGnFI6g

Justin Tabb (Co-founder and CEO) - Linkedin

Founder of OverridePro, a web developing company

Abram Cookson (CIO and Co-founder) - Linkedin

Over 18 years experience in software development

B.J Allmon (COO and Co-founder) - Linkedin

Product engineering leader for 20 years and speak for Substratum.

The Purpose of Substratum Network

With Net Neutrality repealed, in the United States, the internet is free game to monetize.

In China and many other countries, most of the internet is policed.

And it is only going to get worse with the imposing restrictions that come with all technologies that emerge.

Unless there is a better way.

This is where the company shines.

Typically, people use VPNs or Private Servers to get around these barriers and firewalls.

Yet the Substratum Network has a better way.

Instead of going out of the way to purchase a VPN or jump onto a private server, one can simply use the SUB Network.

With Bitcoin mining, nodes around the world verify transactions.

On a Substratum node one can route their internet use around the whole world, making it seem like their data is everywhere and nowhere at the same time.

And those who run the nodes get SUB in return.

It's an incentivized way to make the internet free and finally allows anyone globally to use the internet how they please.

Which is ambitious but noble at the same time.


The Features of SUB Coin

Substratum Nodes and Hosts

There are two different ways to host on the Network.

A host is used by business, groups, organizations, and individuals that want to host sites, databases, and apps on the Substratum Network.

A node forwards content from the hosts, paying out in Cryptocurrency.

Together these end up delivering content to the end user with no network or verification or firewall that can get in the way.


This allows any of the sites, databases, and applications being hosted on the Network to process Cryptocurrency payments.

And it can be used with any publicly traded coin.

Artificial Intelligence Based Content Delivery

By hooking up the network to an A.I. based delivery mechanism anyone can get content delivered quickly.

Instead of waiting, or seeing lagging speeds, this will only refine the network speed over time.

Easy To Use

It's a one-click setup.

There's a simple application downloaded onto browsers that helps anyone get started on the Substratum Network.

Cryptographic Security and Compressed Algorithms

With a VPN your data is routed through different locations.

Say you are in the U.S. it can look like you are in France.

With the Sub Network instead, the data is split up and routed cryptographically throughout the blockchain.

Making it incredibly difficult to ever assemble and know what or where someone was searching for.

Substrates and Atoms

In order to help onboard new users, they created two units of measurements.

Substrates - Which function as a dollar

Atoms - These Function like cents.

Essentially by keeping it to two decimal places, on the Substratum Network only, it will help provide ease to novice users.

Granted, when trading on the exchanges one can trade infractions and smaller amounts similar to Bitcoin.

What We Think of Substratum

We at GCA are currently holders of SUB.

After reading about SUB during its ICO phase we realized the ramifications that this could have.

And that was reinforced as Net Neutrality was repealed.

We need a free internet, uncensored with the ability for people to access it globally and that's what Substratum Network is aiming to provide.

This is a coin we love and will continue to follow for the years to come.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some Substratum below!




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