What is Populous Coin (PPT) | A Beginner's Guide


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What Is Populous Coin | Overview

PPT is a p2p global financial invoicing platform.

This global invoice trading platform uses blockchain decentralized technology to help funds unlock instantly and be released to their rightful owner.

Populous allows these end users get their funds by helping to buy invoices for a lower and better price.

History of Populous Coin

Populous launched with an ICO on June 24th, 2017.

The price was $.25, and they quickly sold out that same day during the pre-sale.

After that, they launched their product and have been operating for some time now.

Their founder Steven Nico Williams, wanted to find a way to use “big data” paired with customer acquisition and invoice financing.

Using this platform, they are developing a way to attract clients, help businesses, and use big data to measure it all.

The Founder of Populous

Steve Nico Williams - Linkedin

Their founder is Steve Nico Williams, worked on a company called Olympus Research before work with Populous.

The company seems to be researchers specializing in marketing and user data.

Other than that, while proliferating as a company, they do not post much on social media, LinkedIn or their blog.

The Purpose of PPT Coin

Populous was founded on the premise of helping to settle invoices instantly.

Or in other words, unlike waiting to get paid via someone else or funds being released over time, one can, in a decentralized fashion, buy out the current invoice for a discounted price and subsequently allow the funds to be released simultaneously.

Meaning no waiting for invoices to be filled.

This happens on a trading platform with blockchain technology.

By allowing buyers to buy invoices, this gives business owners their money instantly and the invoice buyer the money once that rate is paid by the debtor.


The Features of Populous Coin

Global P2P Trade Finance Platform

PPT allows traders (buyers and sellers of invoices) to transact around the world.

This means that debts can be settled anywhere, with invoices in the hands of those who purchase at a discount awaiting their premium.

And being decentralized, there are no middlemen.

High Speeds with Low Costs

Considering there are no third-parties, Populous coin uses a smart contract to execute the trade.

These smart contracts autonomously release and collect payments, giving funding to the seller immediately and the invoice to the buyer.

High Transparency and Safety

Each transaction is recorded and put onto the Ethereum blockchain.

Both the invoice and the trade are recorded helping anyone both see and verify that the invoice made the transfer and the funds have been deposited.

Real-Time Database

Using XBRL data to find financial statements for invoice sellers.

This means they take over 1500+ data points on some companies to ensure the validity, risk, trading partners, and industry at large.

In-Depth Credit Risk Analysis

With their credit risk analysis, they aim to use the XBRL data paired with Altman Z-Scores and few other formulas to rate the credit risk of each company.

What We Think of PPT Coin

Populous is a great idea.

With many freelancers and companies that rely on invoicing to stay in business between invoices, taking a bit of a cut to stay in business matters.

That's why it makes sense to have an auction allowing people to sell invoices, safely and securely.

Granted we at GCA currently do not hold any PPT, but we will be watching it shortly.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some Populous below!




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