What is ETHOS Coin (Formerly Bitquence)?


ETHOS (BQX) Coin Price

What is Ethos? A Quick Summary

Ethos Cryptocurrency is a conglomeration of a few needed areas in the Cryptocurrency field.

A universal wallet, a currency dashboard, social network, and much more...

Their platform aims to allow people to convert fiat to Cryptocurrency in an easier way, with more options than what's currently offered, and help the masses store their Cryptocurrency without having to worry if it's safe or not.

Instead of having people uncertain about or relate Cryptocurrency with drugs/illegal use - their mission is to bring the market back to its roots and pave the way for this evolution of currency.

History From Bitquence (BQX Coin) To Ethos

In June of 2017, there was a new ICO for a Cryptocurrency company called Bitquence.

With their coin BQX, they started their ICO sale.

This was heavily endorsed by a youtube celebrity name Suppoman who teaches hundreds of thousands on Cryptocurrency with Udemy (here’s his course profile).

After that, a community started to form around BQX.

On November 20th, 2017 they rebranded to have more mass appeal.

The new company name would be ETHOS.

As time went on ETHOS Cryptocurrency stays very involved with their community and have been building a fiat-gateway.

Thus making it easy for anyone to participate in Cryptocurrency and use Ethos.

The Founder of Ethos (Formerly Bitquence) - Shingo Lavine

Shingo Lavine is the founder of Ethos - Linkedin

He is currently enrolled at Brown University.

Having worked on various Internet based companies over the past four years, he has gained experience that lead him to start Bitquence.

Since starting and launching the BQX ico, he has hired a team that works diligently on Ethos.

What is The Purpose of Ethos Cryptocurrency?

Ethos is meant to be a platform for the masses.

With most people using Coinbase or another similar brokerage to buy into Cryptocurrency, they end up getting confused.

There are private keys, public keys, passphrases, and so much more...

Some people keep multiple wallets on different currencies across many platforms.

And that may not even compare to most devoted crypto users.

Although, Ethos was created to make it easier.

Not only do they want to build a fiat payment gateway, but they strive to allow people to keep a universal wallet, coin dashboard, and social network.

This makes interacting with Ethos a no-brainer with everything all in one place.


The Special Features of Ethos Coin

A Universal Wallet

A secure-multi token wallet.

The Ethos wallet has one goal, which is to make it safe and easy for the layman to use and hold Cryptocurrency.

It is free, unlike many wallets.

Anyone can store/transfer value anywhere, anytime, anyplace instantly.

Mobile First And Ready For Global Adoption

Solving the mobile application problem, Ethos aims to be mobile first.

This allows it to be global, all the way from Africa to the Midwest United States.

Users can manage their portfolio mobile and send/receive tokens from any email, phone number, or ETHOS ID.

One-Click Diversification

Many people see there are more than 1,300 coins.

And they don’t know how to diversify or which to invest in.

That’s why ETHOS is building a portal for one-click diversification where anyone can easily diversify the amount they are putting in.

Let's say for example someone wants to put in $500 dollars.  This person can place that $500 dollars into a "basket" which will instantly divide that amount amongst the coins in the basket. This may be a group of the Top 10 coins, small market cap coins, privacy coins, etc.

You will be able to diversify your Cryptocurrency portfolio with Ethos instantly.

These pre-built buckets can help to cut down the risk of their portfolio.

Secure Key Management

When it comes to Cryptocurrency, everyone should hold their private keys.

Otherwise, you don’t own the currency.

With Ethos, you can not only hold your private keys but take your wallet offline and put it in cold storage.

This helps minimize the risk of keeping it on an exchange while maximizing the control you have over your money.

The ETHOS Liquidity Network

What makes THIS unique is their fiat gateway and liquidity model.

They want to allow anyone to deposit, withdraw, send, or exchange any assets instantly with complete liquidity.

Instead of swapping to BTC, ETH, or LTC and then cashing out - this makes a crypto liquid.

Which is something currently lacking in the Cryptocurrency market.

People Powered and Strong Community

As talked about in the history of ETHOS, they have a strong community.

Inspired both by the idea and Suppoman’s promotion, ETHOS has built a strong community both active and willing to help.

Which is also part of the purpose of the platform.

ETHOS coin is people-powered.

This means that anyone can leverage the power of the crowd and invest smarter with community consensus.

This allows people to conduct coin reviews, add ratings, and even get rewarded for doing so.

Ethos Cryptocurrency is a community first Cryptocurrency platform.

A Few Other Quick Features:

  • Tax-Friendly Reports
  • Dynamic Predictions, Ratings, and Reviews
  • Instant Coin Baskets
  • Portfolio Performance Dashboard
  • Intuitive and Fun UX
  • No Setup Fees or Hidden Costs

What We At GCA Think Of ETHOS Coin

Ethos is a coin that we at GCA do like.

We currently hold ETHOS because of its mission, to help bring Cryptocurrency to the masses.
Building another fiat gateway (besides Coinbase and Gemini) will only help more join the revolution.

Ethos is a coin about mass usage and less about the technology.

While this is a technological revolution, to onboard more people we will need more technology like this.

This is a coin we are holding for the future.

If you liked this review and want to help support the academy donate some ETHOS/BQX below!




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