What is Ardor Coin (ARDR)?


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What is Ardor | A Quick Summary

Ardor is a blockchain platform with the use of using NXT child chains to create and scale the blockchain.

These child chains are “light” blockchains which then help developers employ their blockchain.

The History of ARDR

Ardor was developed as a way to help NXT scale with a faster solution.

They launched their first ICO called IGNIS on August 5th, 2017.

This was to be the first launched sidechain to the Ardor and NXT network, which had a release date of January 1st,2018.

Along with the ICO, Ignis was also dispersed as an airdrop to both NXT and ARDR holders.

The Ardor Team

Just like NXT, the company behind Ardor is Jelurida.

This company specializes in helping to evolve the NXT blockchain using their roadmap and team.

The Purpose of Ardor Coin

Ardor was established with the purpose of scaling NXT 2.0

By utilizing side chains and ICOs, this gives NXT the ability to increase the amount of usage without slowing it down.

Using these child chains will help to prevent problems as Ethereum has faced before sharding and the lightning network.


The Features of Ardor

Energy Efficient

Using proof-of-stake helps to eliminate the energy used by computers or nodes running proof-of-work based systems.

This allows nodes to work more economically while still verifying transactions.

Advanced Architecture

By using a parent/child chain, architecture companies can build products using child chain.

Although, they get the security and reliability of a longer more built out chain.

Which in turn gives these companies the advantage of a large transparent blockchain.

Blockchain Boat

Once a child chain transaction is confirmed they no longer have a reason to be on the parent chain.

Thus, after a child chain transaction is confirmed, they can be removed to keep the actual blockchain lightweight and efficient.

Reliable and Maintainable Product

With a javascript based code on the NXT platform, ARDR uses four years of production experience.

This helps create easy applications and consistent language for many developers.

What We Think of ARDR Coin

While ARDR is a great accessory to NXT, we at GCA are still looking into it.

With the development and release of new ICOs like IGNIS and others, it will become clear how well they function together.

Plus, it will showcase the scalability of the entire NXT parent blockchain.

At this time we do not hold ARDR and are looking into to it more.

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