How Does Inflation Happen? Part 2: Fractional Reserve Lending

Fractional Reserve Lending

The banking system in America and most other prominent countries is hurting the economy, both on a national and global level. Most people would probably agree that our political system is broken and corrupt, and the banking system is no different. In Part 1 of this series, we saw how the Federal Reserve is committing…

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Cryptocurrency Growth Adds NYSE ETF and Binance Halts New Users


The first week of 2018 has officially ended. Although, for Cryptocurrency, things are just starting to heat up. With growth multiplying faster than any previous year we are seeing the NYSE ETFs becoming a sure thing and Binance limiting new user registrations. NYSE ETFs Almost Here Recently the CBOE and CME started to trade Bitcoin futures,…

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Bitcoin’s Energy Usage Is A Benefit Not A Negative


In the headlines we see people claim Bitcoin’s energy usage is unsustainable and the most drastic energy consumption there is… That’s wrong. Bitcoin uses nothing close to the amount of energy used to mine gold, print fiat, or for the oil industry. Here’s a quick comparison: And printing U.S. dollars and fiat currency actually beats…

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Cryptocurrency and Business – Why The Early Adopter Gets The Reward


The wave is coming. Over 260,000 different businesses across the globe accept Cryptocurrency and this is only the beginning… Overstock, Microsoft, Virgin Galatic and even Shopify are now on the list of companies that accept Cryptocurrency (and Shopify even allows users on their platform to accept it). Here’s the fact of the matter. The early adopters,…

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