The 12 Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Gifts of Christmas

We at GCA wanted to say thank you for joining the community and being an active member. As such, we wanted to put together a little list of a few different Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin gifts for that holiday money that you’ve acquired. Without further ado, let’s dive in. 12. Actual Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Gifts Before we…

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Giving Back With Cryptocurrency – Giveth and The Pineapple Fund


While most people see Cryptocurrency as their way to get rich right now – in hopes of finding that one coin and riding the storm out to millions… Let’s not forget the others focused on the technological capabilities that each of these Cryptocurrencies can realize. Either through the monetary system, A.I., or any other utility…

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10 Songs To Keep You Hodling Cryptocurrency During A Correction


When it comes to the cryptocurrency market, corrections are a natural way for the market to regulate itself. These corrections kick out the weary and reward the brave. And we want you to be one of the people hodling cryptocurrency during these times. So here are 10 songs to play on repeat to keep hodling…

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The Bigger Picture of Cryptocurrency – A Global Peer-to-Peer Mission


Us at GCA like to focus on a more significant mission when giving out Cryptocurrency news and advice. This is one of the biggest purposes of crypto and one that often gets neglected. Yes you can make “money” depending on where you can put the value, yes you can buy goods, but this all comes with…

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