How To Use The Square Bitcoin Purchase Feature

Most people were aware that Square had recently begun allowing the purchase of Bitcoin in the app. As well, most people have seen the headlines of Twitter founder, and Square CEO, Jack Dorsey, talking about how he believes cryptocurrency is the future and that the Square Cash app will have a lot more than just…

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Our Top 6 Favorite Cryptocurrency Youtube Channels

cryptocurrency youtube

There’s a lot of noise when it comes to cryptocurrency and the media. Check out any of the mass media channels and you’ll get more FUD than you can probably handle. On the other hand, some Cryptocurrency Youtube channels are perfect for both times of FUD, exclusive interviews, and personalities alone. Here are our top…

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The 3 Industries That Cryptocurrencies Will Disrupt (and Improve)


In cryptocurrency, no coin is alike. Of course, a lot of currencies are hard forks of similar protocols, and they work utilizing proof-of-work, proof-of-stake and the like. With over 1500 different coins, there are a lot of industries being disrupted. These are three of the major industries we see being disrupted by Cryptocurrencies. The 3…

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A Case For Decentralization And How To Reduce Corporate Greed

benefits of decentralization

One of the most often thoughts for decentralization is that it’s better for this world. But most of the time, people don’t know how it is or what it truly means. That’s why we wanted to write up this quick little piece to describe the effect that decentralization can have in our day to day…

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A Few Utility Tokens To Watch in 2018

utility tokens

While there are many different coins focused on being a currency or being a platform for development, utility tokens are becoming more and more popular. Heck, most ICO‘s are claiming to be utility-based tokens. (But that might just be to skirt around the SEC and try not to be listed as security.) We have a few utility…

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Why You Should Take Your Cryptocurrency Off Exchanges…

take cryptocurrency off exchanges

In the cryptocurrency ecosystem, there are a few horror stories… One of the biggest, the one that tanked the market in 2013 and shook a lot of crypto holders, is Mt.Gox. Now, there have been more and more hacks being formulated towards these central entities. Yes, there is a point that the only ones that…

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The Top 4 Decentralized Platform Cryptocurrencies

Top 4 decentralized platforms eos cardano

When it comes to decentralized smart platforms, we see a few take the limelight. Now, while the market on the whole continues to grow, the future lies in these different decentralized platform based cryptocurrencies. And we at GCA have a few that we think will go on to take over the smart economy in this decentralized…

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How Bitcoin’s Dramatic Price Decrease Could Be A Good Thing

bitcoin price

Up up and away. That’s the commoner’s way of looking at the market, and when it isn’t performing in that sense, well, then it plagues them with pain. On the other hand, steep corrections like the one we are seeing may be a blessing in disguise. How Bitcoin’s Dramatic Price Decrease Could Be A Good…

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New Year, New Currency – Why 2018 Is The Year For Cryptocurrency


During 2017 we’ve seen some massive movements in the Cryptocurrency Realm. We saw: Ethereum moves from under $8 to over $800 Bitcoin passed $20,000 Litecoin even made it past $350 And that wasn’t even the half of it. From regulations to new countries joining the midst in 2017, Cryptocurrency has had a wild rollercoaster ride. Is…

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Why Do Alt Coins Take a Hit Most Times Bitcoin Goes Up?


We see this question a lot: “Why do alt coins suddenly take a hit when Bitcoin jumps up?” Now if you aren’t familiar with alt coins check out our guide to altcoins here –> (Alt Coins) Otherwise, there’s a pretty simple explanation for this, and it combines two things… 1) Money Here’s the most important…

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