Playboy Goes Blockchain | Playboy Cryptocurrency Wallet and Vice Token

vice tokens playboy

While we’ve seen many industries flock to blockchain not only for the freedom it gives but the security, this is an industry riddled with problems… Adult entertainment. Adult entertainment is easy to copy, there are tons of sites that allow people to steal and upload videos, and most people don’t know what they are getting.…

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Google Is Banning Cryptocurrencies In June

Google Cryptocurrency Advertising

Google removes 100 “bad” ads per second. On the bigger scale, that’s roughly 3.2 billion ads removed in the year of 2017 (1). That’s crazy. Google Updated Their Ad Policy Most of you have probably heard of the scams in Cryptocurrency… (Hopefully you weren’t apart of any.) Recently, Google released a change in their ad…

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Wyoming Becomes First State To Create “Utility Token” Asset Class

In the United States, there is a lot of predicaments with how to classify cryptocurrencies… They were property, security, and now in a turn of events, Wyoming has devoted a new asset class to cryptocurrency. Wyoming Creates “Utility Token” Asset Class For Cryptocurrencies Here’s what happened… On March 13th Forbes reported that Wyoming had passed a…

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Binance Decentralized Exchange and Public Blockchain Coming Soon?


In the past few weeks, we have gotten to see another side of Binance… After getting hacked, they immediately retaliated by reversing the trades and even putting up a bounty to find this thief and any that come up in the future (to a tune of $10 million). Now CZ and Binance are at it again. Is…

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Substratum Announcement For World Day Against Cyber Censorship

substratum announcement

While much of the market has been on a stable decline, especially the altcoins, Substratum has had a surprisingly great day. This comes on the world day against cyber censorship and a three-part announcement that they made on youtube… Substratum Announcement For Day Against Cyber Censorship Substratum is a project the GCA Team loves. It combines…

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John Oliver Hosts Last Week Tonight on Cryptocurrency

last week tonight on cryptocurrency

The Big Bang Theory cryptocurrency episode was big news for the industry. Granted, the episode wasn’t that good, and it didn’t do much of anything to the price overall. Last night, John Oliver took the stage with a featurette of about 25 minutes that completely broke down what cryptocurrencies are and how they work. Last…

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To Catch A Thief – Binance Hacker Bounty Offers $250k

binance hacker bounty

We’ve all been burned. Whether we’ve sent funds to the wrong wallet address or wrong coin wallet address, clicked a phishing link, or experienced Mt.Gox. There has been a lot that has burned those in the cryptocurrency industry. Binance is aiming heavily at making sure that doesn’t happen anymore, especially with their platform which handles more transactions…

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Exchange Bithumb Starts Putting Crypto Kiosks in Resturants

bithumb kiosks

One of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges, Bithumb, has recently started a new initiative… Bithumb is an exchange that runs out of South Korea, is the largest there, and is ranked in the top 5 for 24-hour trading volume on Bithumb Starts Stocking Restaurants With Crypto Kiosks With mass adoption on the verge and 2018 being…

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[Updated] Possible Binance Account Hacks Leads To Massive Dip In Bitcoin Price

binance account hack possible

FUD is everywhere in cryptocurrency. From the anarchists and libertarians frightened at the government taking control of cryptos, with hacks’ popping up nearly every few days, it seems it won’t stop. But, we have today what might be a dramatic hack pushing the price of Bitcoin down substantially. Binance Account Hack Leading To Account Funds…

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