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What Is Athena Bitcoin? | Bitcoin and Litecoin ATMs For All

athena bitcoin atms

Athena Bitcoin is an ATM platform featured in over nine US states with many different locations. Currently, the GCA team is in Chicago, and after getting familiar with the city, we attended a meetup where we met one of the founders of Athena Bitcoin. While it’s not out yet, they are planning on creating a “trading”…

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Nothing To Fear Here | Cryptocurrency Market Drops 40% (Repeating Past)

Market Crash

Before we get into this quick article let’s cover a basic topic in investing. Being Greedy When Others Are Fearful What does that mean? While it’s one of the most commonly said, but usually ignored investing mindset phrases… Long-term investing isn’t about these dips which activate everyone’s sell limits and end up bringing your overall…

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Paying For Taxes With Cryptocurrency? What About KFC?


And we are back. As the market starts to move back towards bullish looks, Arizona made a strange announcement, and KFC Canada is having fun with Cryptocurrency peoples. Paying For Taxes With Cryptocurrency? Only in Arizona… With the amount of money pouring into Cryptocurrency and the proof that it is a currency people are adapting.…

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Cryptocurrency Market Passes $700 Billion and Aims For More…


The past few days have been a rally for the altcoins in the Cryptocurrency Market. In fact, while Bitcoin tested $15,000 levels again, various Alt Coins (ADA, XLM, NEM) have been making incredible gains. This has pushed the market to over $700 billion, and it seems it will shortly be breaking $800 billion. The $1…

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5 Things To Do While The Cryptocurrency Market is in a Correction


With Christmas near, we see a market correction. No, we aren’t mad about it because this correction was well-timed, allowing people to focus on something else for the holidays. Instead of looking at your portfolio every 10 minutes hoping for it to go back up – consider doing a couple of the activities in this…

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The Crypto Crash… Market Loses $200 Billion And 40% From ATH

Right now most people are waking up and checking their portfolio. Down Panic sets in. “Is this the bubble popping?” In a sense, it is, although not in the way we have seen bubbles pop. See cryptocurrency isn’t as persuaded by old market flow and traditional stocks as you would imagine based on the past.…

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Dash Jumps 30% and Privacy Coins Fly Through The Roof


After Coinbase released their Bitcoin Cash this week the market has been relatively stable. Although, we’ve seen a few coins start to take flight. Which coins? The Privacy Coins Why is this happening? Well, recently we talked about John McAfee giving credence to Verge, SafeX and a few other coins on twitter, but we don’t think…

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Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Passes $8200… Is This The Flippening?


With Bitcoin on the run up to almost $20,000, Bitcoin Cash is coming back. Today is the day Coinbase Bitcoin cash was released on, and with it a surge in pricing. Here’s what Bitcoin cash currently sits at on  —Get $10 Free To Coinbase By Signing Up Here— Why Is Coinbase Bitcoin Cash Moving Up…

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Overstock’s TZero Starts ICO Aiming At $250 Million


In early 2014 started doing something unique to the industry… Accepting Cryptocurrency. They have been known advocates and their founder Patrick Byrne has been a frontrunner in advocating cryptocurrency use and acceptance. Recently, they laid their mapping of what was a 3-year build. The main point, a tZero cryptocurrency with an ICO. Overstock will…

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